WP Profit Builder Review – How to Create a Good Landing Page

Name: WP Profit Builder
Website: wpprofitbuilder.com
Price: $67.67 for unlimited licenses and $47 for single license
Owners: Sean Donahoe and Dylan Kingsberry
Who it’s for: It may not be suitable for all experience levels

WP Profit Builder

WP Profit Builder ReviewWP Profit Builder is easy to use the plugin for building or creating landing pages. This plugin helps you to create any landing page quickly. WP Profit Builder includes perfectly designed templates for a variety of page types. You can build your landing page from scratch or use 60+ converting templates.

The primary purpose of using Profit Builder is to create a fantastic landing page for marketing. For you to thrive in online marketing, you should use WP Profit Builder plugin. WP Profit Builder has drag and drops editors that make it easy for you to create your layouts or even customize the template of your choice.

WP Profit Builder plugin works with the theme of your choice. You don’t have to redesign your entire website. This plugin also comes with an optional theme. You can choose your preferred theme or use WP Profit Builder theme. With this plugin, you can transform any site into a profit powerhouse.

Features of WP Profit Builder

• WP Profit Builder is easy, quick to use and self-explanatory. You don’t need a professional to introduce you to it. You can personally download and install the plugin and publish a perfectly looking sales/landing page.

• Comes with more than 60 templates to choose from. You can create your template from scratch or customize one of the 60 templates. These templates are available in many and new designs. You can choose the template and design that perfectly suits you.

• It is very easy to modify either of the templates. Many people would prefer to use WP templates since they are many and are professionally and created.

• This plugin has a live preview feature that makes it easy to see what your page will look like after completion.

• WP Profit Builder plugin includes many different modules for drag and drops editor, texts and images, videos and audio embeds, buttons, countdown timer, testimonials, pricing tables, graphs and charts among others.

• Easy to add background videos to any page

• With WP Profit Builder plugin, all designs are responsive and perfectly designed to look great on any size screen

• There are tons of integrations such as Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, ClickBank, PayPal, WooCommerce, GoToWebinar and much more.

• No monthly or annual fees. Two months money back guarantee.

Creating a landing page with WP Profit Builder

After installing WP Profit Builder to your PC, you will see a menu option at the bottom of your WordPress dashboard. Click on that, and you will see WP Profit Builder menu.

Click on the last menu option/item, “Templates Management” You will see all the templates and the library. There are about 60 templates or more.

If you have chosen a particular template, you’ll need to install it to your blog first. It is easy to fit the template of your choice; you just have to click install on the thumbnail.

After installing your template, you can easily create your landing page. In the WordPress main menu click Page, select ‘Add new’ just as you are going to add a regular page to the site.

After selecting ‘Add new,’ you will see some new options. Next to the text editor options is a new Profit Builder option.

Enter the title and save that page as a draft, then click on the “Profit Builder” tab. You will see some new options in the text editing box.

You will now see your page live. You will also see two menus on your screen, the edit page option and the deactivate option.

At the top of your screen, you will see options to save your page. You can save the page as a new template, preview the page and much more. There are also other icons on the page representing all the modules you can add.

It is very easy to add any of the modules to the page. You just need to drag the icon to the menu and place it on the page. If you want to use one of the installed templates, click/select on Load Page, then click on the Load Template tab. After choosing the template of your choice, you can easily edit copy or even delete any part.

When you are done, click Save Page. This option is at the top. Alternatively, you can save the page as a new template.

With this marketing site creation system you will not only create a landing page but also other marketing pages such as;

· Lead generation pages

· High converting marketing pages

· JV pages

· Authority blogs

· Sales pages

· Webinar pages

· Review pages

· About me pages

· Opt-In Pages

· Social gates

· E-commerce sites

· Local marketing pages

· Training series

· SEOs, bonus, upsell, website launch, portals, coming soon, product review, FAQ, testimonials, affiliates, home pages and much more.

View the following video:


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• WP Profit Builder plugin is user-friendly. Has drag-and-drop editor options

• This plugin comes with many templates for all kinds of pages. The user can choose the template of his choice.

• Unlike other landing page plugins, WP Profit Builder is cheaper and affordable. This plugin has no monthly or yearly fees.


· Documentation and support are lacking

· It may not be suitable for all experience levels


If you want to create an impressive marketing page, install this plugin. It is highly effective. WP Profit Builder plugin is easy to use for any marketer looking to create a landing page. It is the best software plugin you can use. The customization options of WP Builder rely on drag and drop builder.

Unlike other plugins, you just have to pay once for this. This plugin is a great investment that helps you save time. You don’t need to create a template. You can pick one from the list of many that come with this plugin. This plugin helps you create a perfect landing page hence boosting your earnings.

Many people who have used this plugin before would give a positive review and remarks about the product. It is the best and top rated plugins available for creating an efficient and highly competitive page. If you want to thrive in online marketing, use this plugin. It is cheaper to buy and easy to install and use. Having a great landing page or any other marketing page in this competitive market is vital.

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  1. very good product review, very simple explanation and so easy to understand. WP profit builder seems to be a good product , im gonna read a little bit more about it and i thing i will give it a try, because i think that landing pages will generate revenue to my website.

  2. Great article and review of WP profit builder Alberto. The information is very helpful and insightful. It is awesome all the benefits that plugins like these offer. It really helps to build your website and to make things easier. What is the cost of a plugin like this? Thanks for the info and keep up the good work!

  3. The benefits WP Profit Builder provides are quite remarkable for the cost of $68 for an unlimited licence.
    Personally I haven’t got to the stage of creating the likes of landing pages yet as I’m slowly working my way through the Wealthy Affiliate course but when I am, the way you have described this WP Profit Builder is definitely on my list.
    I do like the sound of the drag and drop features you describe and the included 60 templates to choose from as well as the ability to create your own from scratch.
    Thanks for your review,

  4. This is so great thanks for sharing this good information. Creating your landing page can really cause you to be in a better position where you can get the amount business that you need that converts. Thanks for sharing I am sure that readers will be encouraged to incorporate a landing page because of its benefits

  5. Hi there! I just read your review for profit builder and wanted to drop you a few lines to say thanks.

    I have recently been looking for an easy way to build these kinds of pages. Its not easy creating squeeze pages or sales pages with the standard WordPress install. So something like this is going to make like very easy. I just had a look on the sales page at the design examples and they look great.

    Thanks for sharing this, I’m going to have a closer look.

  6. Excellent post! You’ve done a great job of reviewing WP Profit Builder. It sounds like an interesting product. I have been curious about this kind of thing lately too funnily enough I have been thinking about building an landing page for when I start advertising more.
    Thanks for this very helpful review!

  7. I like surfing the internet looking for information and reading current trending news especially the entertainment related topics. Often time, I’ve encountered websites that have these promotional landing pages, an opt-in form asking for email addresses, newsletters subscription and etc. I felt annoyed and frustrated. I mean, these are good methods from a business point of view but as a website visitor, all I wanted is to head straight to the content part to find out what the author has to offer.

    Now that I’ve fully understood what it meant from the perspective of marketers. These landing pages require time, effort, dedication, and money investment. Thanks for your comprehensive written article that will certainly change the way I assess these landing pages in the future whenever I browse the internet. A participation by providing the relevant information details also makes me a more ethical person.

    1. Hi David, thanks for your comment.

      Landing page often gives valuable content to the visitor in order to obtain the email from him. In this way, the marketer provokes the desire of the visitor to obtain that valuable information and does not care to leave his email in exchange since it does not have any cost for him.

  8. Hi Alberto, thanks for the review, extremely informative.

    There are a lot of free plugins on word press that offer similar functinoality, for someone like me who is just starting out and trying to minimise costs, do you think this is still a good investment versus using some of the free options? Some of them do appear to have pretty good ratings on word press.



    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment.

      You have to check the time employed to make your landing page using these free plugins to create your professional landing pages. If you create a few landing pages, the free plugins should do this job.

  9. Thanks for the very interesting information on the Word Press Profit Builder. I am still building my site and definitely need more traffic. I actually have been reading up on how to effectively use a landing page and your information here has really been a boost for me.
    I like the way you describe the steps for installing and building a landing page.
    It is great to know that not only being able to do a landing page, but all of the other pages you have listed, definitely is an advantage for building a website.

    Your overall review gives your readers plenty to think about and should ultimately lead them to using this plugin.
    Thanks again,

  10. Great review, I really need a landing page but I actually don’t know why it can help me with conversions. Is it because they contain visually attractive call to actions and opt-in forms? Is there a free trial or a sample where I can see how it looks like? Thanks for your help

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