WebFire 3.0 Review – An Unbiased Review Of The SEO Software

Name: WebFire 3.0
Website: www.webfire.com
Price: Monthly Membership $197/mth , Yearly Membership $997/Yr
Owner: Shawn Casey
Who it’s for: From Newbie to Expert


What Exactly is This WebFire Review?

WebFire Review - An Unbiased Review Of The SEO SoftwareWebFire 3.0 is actually a site owned by Shawn Casey to coach online marketers. It is created to teach the marketers how they can accomplish better results on the web. WebFire 3.0 software program has many training lessons and tools.

The training tools within this software are created to teach you ways to improve your site’s on-page as well as off page search results. Besides the SEO training plus tools in the application, it has also an affiliate program that folks can generate commissions from. In this Webfire 3.0 Review, we are going to share every reason with you why you must not delay and get a copy right now!

What Will You Discover in This WebFire Review?

In case you use all the training tutorials in this software, there is definitely going to be a significant enhancement in the rankings of your sites in all search engines. Consequently, you will be receiving more traffic from the search engines to your site. A lot of tools are also offered there. The fact is, many software developers recommend that each training tutorial must be taken one after the other to avoid being weighed down with training.

Listed below are the tools which are going to be incorporated in the WebFire 3.0 application:

WebFire 3.0 Software Tools

The training tools in the software consist of site tools, lead tools, video marketing tools, press tools, keyword tools, domain tools, as well as article tools. All of these tools have one common thing – target. It is to improve the SEO rank of your site.

Site Tools

These tools consist of site rank tracker, site analysis, keyword backlinks, submit your site, and so forth. Submit your site tool is the most important tool amongst all the accessible ones here. This particular tool lets you submit a single article to 86 directories and search engines.

Leads tool

If you happen to be the internet marketer, you mustn’t deny the value of Leads. This tool keeps info and links to sites within your website’s niche. Exactly how you may use to get instantaneous traffic to your site is shown in the training tutorial. And, related niche-related sites are also incorporated in this tool. Furthermore, you will find sites within your niche which allow guesting blog articles.

Keyword Tool

This particular tool enables users to look for both any specific keyword as well as the competition that keyword has. This tool supplies users the relevant keyword or phrases for a specific keyword searched. Additionally, the tool has the ability to of give you the keyword density for your site.

Video Marketing Tool

This tool consists of training lessons on ranking video clips on many well-known sites such as Blip TV, YouTube, Daily Motion, and so on. It enables you to make a video directly or post video instantaneously to these websites. The video training thoroughly explains you on how to do that successfully.

Article Marketing Tool

Besides all these tools, WebFire also includes an article spinner. Precisely how is it helpful for you? You may use it to create multiple articles by making use of synonym phrases from a single article. You could utilize this tool to quickly submit content articles to appropriate article directories.

WebFire 3.0 Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of WebFire 3.0 is divided into 2 classes. The 1st class pays as much as 50% commission rate on the WebFire 3.0 membership. The 2nd tier is designed for the affiliate marketers that just want to market the WebFire 3.0 software. Therefore, they are offered a 5% commission on any kind of purchase via their link and they make the recurring payments as well.

Does Webfire 3.0 Really Work?

Conclusion of This WebFire Review

In summary, the training, as well as tools in this particular software, is really impressive. They are significantly beneficial to your website. As a matter of fact, top internet marketers believe that the video lessons and tools are fantastic for any serious marketer. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why you should ignore this exciting product.



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  1. This product sounds as though it could be useful to someone like me that is first starting out and needs the step by step tutorials. How much does this product cost? Is it easy to install? I am fearful of doing HTML coding stuff. Who is this product recommended for, because I only have a tiny blog, but I need a way to obtain more traffic to expand. Any advice you have would be great.

  2. I had not heard of WebFire before. There appears to be a lot of SEO products out there, and it is really hard to know which one is the right one for me. I love the leads and video marketing tool. After reading this review, I do believe that this might be a great program to have. I am just curious, as it doesn’t say anywhere, if there is a cost for this? I will click on the link, but it would be nice to know upfront what the cost associated with this is.

  3. Appears like some not too bad devices, however I’d need to concur with you. For new advertisers, they SHOULD figure out how to do it without anyone’s help.

    Likewise, to the extent $1,000 content to voice programming goes… simply utilize your own particular voice and make them brand done all the while. I’d rather pay a few bills with that $1,000.

    Incredible Post

    Yours Truly,

  4. WebFire looks an interesting product. I think the keyword research is essential for any online business owner. If you don’t know how to find less competitive terms in Google, your site might never get significant visitors, especially when you are just starting out.

    I like the video marketing tool. Is it also an editor? thanks for sharing, I will give it a try.
    All the best

    1. Hi Stefan, thanks for your comment.

      Automated Video Creation – Just add text and WebFire will make you a video complete with voiceover (if you choose). Then you can automatically syndicate the video to YouTube and other video sites.


  5. The submit your site tool is what really caught my attention about webfire 3.0. Have you tried it out? So it successfully submits your article to 86 web directories? That is quite impressive. Have you noticed that this translates into higher rankings in google and conversions? Very interesting article I will be sure to check this software out.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      I used this tool a few years ago but at that time did not have the knowledge that is necessary to wait for results. I wanted to make money right away and was scammed many times.

      I think with the knowledge that I have acquired in “Wealthy Affilate” will make much this tool.

  6. WebFire 3.0 seems to be a great resource for SEO training and tutorials, but what concerns me are the linking tools discussed in your review. I’ve heard so many negative comments surrounding the topic of backlinks – are these links legitimate or will they actually hurt rankings? Also, how do you feel this particular product competes with others in the same market.

    1. Thanks for your comment. WebFire has 27 SEO tools and some of them I did not like as “spinning articles” or get backlinks; however, other tools seem formidable.

      The video show lasts more than an hour and explains in depth these extremely interesting tools. I recommend you check to have a better vision of the product.

      Compared to other products on the market, which have seen their price is above $ 3,000

  7. I have not heard of WebFire 3.0 previously but it does sound like a useful tool for any serious internet marketer. SEO is a complex and dynamic area with a lot of factors that can impact your results. Does WebFire 3.0 offer updates on the changing landscape or information that could impact your marketing efforts?

    1. Webfire 3.0 include updates. I have used this tool and improve your marketing efforts because find sites with high traffic and allowing comments and links. This tool has a lot of years on the market. It has 27 marketing tools. There is a long video demo showing these tools in action.

  8. Hey bud, great review on the webfire 3.0. I really like the features it has. The e article spinner would be ideal for me because I am an article marketer. I would love to see the keyword tool too. I currently use Jaaxy but webire’s might be better. At this time the price is too steep for me. Do you have any less expensive recommendations?

    1. First, I do not recommend the spinner tool for postings on your blog because can affect your search engine rankings; only use it on directories; but there are additonal 26 tools very useful in this arsenal. In anoher hand, I do not know any tool like this cheaper.

      Thanks for your comment!

  9. Thanks for the review! I’m really excited about web fire and I think I am going to purchase it and try it. Does it provide a lot of video support and training? Support is usually a big factor for me in products. Also I can’t even find where to buy it.

  10. This article looks interesting. I was not having a clue on what is a webfire 3.0, but since i read your article i got the clue on what does this mean and the purpose of it. Am currently planning to download this application to have it my laptop because it seems very good.

    Let me know about the new arrivals please


  11. Webfire 3.0? This is one that I have never heard of. but it sounds immensely useful!

    Everything that it offers is actually beneficial to the building of an online business. And SEO can be a tricky game, so having the step by step instruction on how to do these things makes all the difference.

    The only thing that concerns me is the price. Can you cancel at any time or is there a contract?

  12. Sounds good. Looks like this has the components that one needs for SEO. And the nice thing too is they have a keyword tool included in the package. And the video marketing tool is something that is not found in a lot of the training platforms in the market. However the price seems a little too steep. Do they offer a trial subscription to enable us to check out its features first before paying for subscription?

  13. Looks like a really good training with a lot of tools. Really useful post! Personally I do prefer videos over text so this training sounds really nice and I might think of buying the course in the future. For now I stick to educational materials I have in hand.

    In which stage of online marketing do you thing should I buy this training?

    1. Hi Romanveb, thaks for the comment.

      I recommend you finish the WA 5 Levels Certification Courses and then get more information courses:)

  14. This sounds pretty good. I could definitely use more traffic and better ranking for my site. However, I am not really ready to spend this kind of money yet. Are there any cheaper options? Of course the yearly option would save a lot of money. I think I would go with that option. Thanks for this information.

  15. I’m new to online marketing and I haven’t heard again many tools that other marketers use. It looks really helpful but I can’t afford 197$. But, I would like to see how these tools work. Can I sign up for free?
    Thanks for sharing and I really like your website.

  16. Hi and thanks for your review of this product. It sounds like you really like it. Has it produced good results for you?

    Second, I’m wondering if Shawn Casey offers any kind of free trial or try it before you buy it option, to see if it really works as promised?

    It sounds kind of expensive, but if it produces targeted traffic, then it should certainly be worth it.

  17. Interesting review on WebFire 3.0 Alberto. I had not heard of it before now.

    I have a site that I am struggling to get traffic to. I am new to marketing online so any tool that will help me learn I am interested in. I plan to start video marketing, so this peaks my interest.

    Do you have an idea how long it would take to see results once I start using it?

    1. Hi Chris for your comment.

      To have results depends of the kind of business do yoy have. Webfire manage 27 tools and has a lot of training. There is a 30 days of guarantee in order to test these tools. Some tools producs results immediately like find buyers for some service for example.

  18. Thank you for the thorough review! I am curious, which versions are supported? Could I get this software on a Mac? Or is it more compatible with an Android operating system? Just curious…

    Also, what would the benefits be of using WebFire 3.0 over other online marketing courses?

    Thank you for the review! It was very helpful.

    1. Hi Jenni, thanks for your comment.

      Webfire 3.0 will work on a Mac or PC – it doesn’t matter what kind of computer you have. You simply need to be able to connect to the internet and use your internet browser to access the WebFire membership and the software.

  19. Nice post Al. I particularly like that the fact that one can submit one’s articles too multiple directories and search engines all via one interface. That’s a great way of establishing reach and readership. What are the success stories around Webfire though? Is this something that can take someone like from from 16 visitors a day to around 10K in like a month?

    1. Hi Joshua, thanks for your comment.

      One of the 27 tools included in webfire 3.0 is to add your site in multiple directories; However, taking your traffic from 16 visitors to 10,000 in a month with free traffic; I don’t know any tool until this moment to get that goal. You have to work hard to get that amount of traffic. Personally, I think it will take at least a year to have that sustainable volume of traffic.

  20. Hi,

    This is a nice and simple Webfire 3.0 review. I only heard about this program for the first time yesterday and then I started researching it to see what people were saying about it. That’s how I ended up here on your site.

    My biggest concern about programs with affiliate programs is that you never know if the reviews you’re reading are legit or just people trying to make a commission.

    I’m glad I stumbled onto your website because I can see that all the other programs you promote are things that I know to be honest so I trust your opinion. Thanks a bunch.


    1. Hi Robert, thanks for your comment.

      I appreciate your words because my first objective is to help people to facilitate their work or solve some problem. Of course I want to make money but I am convinced that that comes in addition.

  21. Hi Roberto

    I’m would like to know more about this software, but I’m still very reluctant to purchase it.

    Reason being, will I get my money’s worth, how much traffic can I get actually?

    This looks so cool! I use Linux ubuntu, will this software be compatible with it, because I would really like to know.

  22. Intriguing article. If using this software will actually direct readers to your site and your site has strong content, it might be worth looking at because this is how you make money online. The price seems excessive for someone starting out, but if it does what it says it can, then maybe the price is a bargain. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Warren, thanks for your comment.

      Yes, I thing this software is very expensive for beginners but is very powerful and useful.

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