Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories – Real Proof Of Successful People

Currently, there are millions of online enthusiasts trying to take the plunge and join the community of affiliate marketers at Wealthy Affiliates. With e-commerce booming, and the internet having a significant share of the pie in the business world, becoming an affiliate marketer is a wise choice. However, most people are doubtful whether many Wealthy Affiliate marketers are successful out there.

I understand them and would have been in the same boat as theirs a few years ago because those who seemed to make money with affiliate marketing were those selling tools to help novice affiliate marketers make a breakthrough in this otherwise competitive industry.

I have tracked down case studies from six Wealthy Affiliate success stories, and that is what I’m presenting in this piece to you today. Continue reading.


nathaniell_Wealthy_Affiliate_Sucess_StoriesNathaniell is one of the most prominent Wealthy Affiliate marketers because he is more than open to his past, techniques, failures, and success. Up to date, he has had more than six years to rack up his success. He doesn’t like to brag about his earnings and has inspired lots of other Wealthy Affiliate members.

His earnings started shooting up in 2012, two years after he joined Wealthy Affiliate and had been rising since then. After he had noticed that he could rake in around three hundred dollars each month on one post, he chose to resign his position and become a full-time marketer.

Nathaniell started by promoting products on several affiliate marketing platforms, and now he is inspiring more people to make money online with WA in the beer brews niche. There is nothing special about Nathaniell except for the fact that he is willing to work hard to achieve his goals. In fact, there are other more successful affiliates compared to him.


Colton James

Colton_James_wealthy_ affiliate_ affiliate_programIn 2014, Colton James was only 20 years when he joined Wealthy Affiliate. Two years down the line he has made a fortune as an online entrepreneur. After going through the training provided by WA, Colton decided to start by creating a website on computer hardware and computers because he had a passion for them.

At first, he made peanuts, but through patience and persistence, he managed to make a five thousand dollar profit in the month of November in 2015. A month later, Colton hit the jackpot and managed to double his profits and made more than ten thousand dollars.

Once Colton realized that he could make more than living as an affiliate marketer, he decided to leave his job at a gas station and concentrate on his studies since he was able to work smart and earn more. He encourages newbie affiliate marketer to work even harder to replicate his success.



JohnMiguel_wealthy_ affiliate_testimonialsJohn first joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2015, and this is his second year as a member. In the beginning, John didn’t understand how to make money online as an affiliate marketer, but everything became easy as he focused more on the training.

After a year, John managed to make his breakthrough. He managed to earn around $ 570 in a day as affiliate commissions from just a single company. Think of how much he would have made from ten companies? John tells newbies how he felt crazy at times and thought that affiliate marketing was a daunting task when he started out.

His niche is internet marketing education, and John has posted several articles online to help newbies begin their affiliate marketing journey on the right foot. John’s case study shows you that it’s possible to make it as an affiliate marketer if you work hard and be patient.



DomWDom joined Wealthy Affiliate three years ago and is among the many members running several niche sites and earning over ten thousand dollars each month. Yes, you heard me right! Through his hard work and perseverance, he has managed to change his income from zero to $10,000 every month.

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, Dom thought that it was impossible to earn more than five thousand dollars from an online business. In fact, to him, it seemed like a dream that would never come true. However, after actualizing his vision and making more than ten thousand dollars, Dom is very confident that he can make more than twenty thousand dollars if he works even harder.

So far he has managed to repay his student loan debt and has taken his financial life to the next level. Most newbie marketers may think that finding success for Dom was a walk in the park. What they are ignorant of is that he has had ups and downs, but he has learned how to stay focused and keep his eyes on the price.



EddySalomonEddy was sponsored for an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas through the Wealthy Success Community Reward Program to meet Wealthy Affiliate pioneers, Carson and Kyle, back in 2014. He didn’t believe it, and he never knew that it would be the turning point in his life.

His meeting with the best of the best in the industry taught him a lot about starting a successful online business. Today, Eddy earns a fortune each month as a Wealthy Affiliate member and tells newbie members that with hard work they can achieve his level of success.

For Eddy, the trip was an eye opener that made him learn about new things that play a vital role in securing the triumph of online ventures. Plus, his journey proved wrong all those who thought that Wealthy Affiliate is another online scam.


Wendy K

Wendy_KWendy began his journey as an affiliate eleven years ago when she got tired of working long hours and earning peanuts. At the time, she had three children who became ill because of lethal mold in her home and had no choice but to set up an online business to make ends meet and take care of her kids.

A year later, Wendy became a victim of fraud and lost thousands of dollars, however, she never gave up. In the year 2009, she became a Wealthy Affiliate member, and her life has never been the same again. Today, she earns over fifty dollars daily thanks to the training she got at Wealthy Affiliate.

And that is not all. She is also a live training coach and trains new Wealthy Affiliate members how to become successful and realize their dreams. She tells them that even with the training, they still need to put in some effort to achieve financial freedom.


Wrap Up:

Making it as an affiliate marketer takes more time and work and lots of hard labor. The more of these attributes you put into your online business, the greater the success that you will achieve. You should always be ready and willing to stick with Wealthy Affiliate to raise up your earnings like those mentioned in the achievement stories.

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