The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is – The Door To Your Financial Freedom

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 Free Membership, $47/mth Premium
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Who it’s for: From Newbie to Expert


Yes, the wealthy affiliate review is the enter to your financial freedom. Let me explain you.

Live_Chat_To_HelpAfter 18 years I have been surfing the web looking my financial freedom. I have been scammed a lot of times for people that promise you get rich overnight. I bought tutorials, guides, courses, software and personal mentor about making money online but all failed. I made some money, but the net balance was negative.

But let me confess that I had never tried to build a business with a long-term goal. Always the rush to make money right away. Want to earn money overnight was my big mistake. Making quick money online doesn’t exist. You have to work hard and build your business step by step at least for one year. This process is the reality!

I have been persistent and one day checking a review from another scam program that promised you make a lot of money right away, the article author refers me to a program named “Wealthy Affiliate.”

I felt curious, and I signed up because was free.

 My first trial about the program was that there was enough support from the owners and the community, in general, looked very numerous.

Ten Lessons For Free

I found ten lessons for free, and I thought I had nothing to lose, and began to take the lessons. When I finished studying, I discovered that I needed only three things to be successful:

1) Choose a niche.

2) Build a site.

3)Write valuable content.


Two Websites For Free

I chose a niche, built a site and wrote some content. By the way, the program provided me two free sites very easy to make in only three clicks. These sites were blogs utilizing WordPress with plug-ins and hosting included.

If you want to get this two websites Click Here

Ten Lessons For Boot Camp For Free

Because I had finished my ten free lessons (level one) and the Premium Option worth $ 47 / month, but during the first 7 days of starting the program costs $ 19 / month; still he had time to keep trying and started taking the 10 Free Lessons to promote the affiliate program ” Wealth Affiliate”.

Ten Free Lessons Boot Camp

Premium Option

The seven days had finished, and I had to make a decision about the Premium Option. At this moment I had not doubt about the program because I needed to learn more about my own business. The Premium Program will open four levels more with 40 lessons! And:

  • Video Training.
  • Tutorial Training.
  • More than 13 classrooms.
  • Live and Interactive Help.
  • A large helpful community (Close to 700,000 members).
  • Free fast hosting
  • And Much More.

Keyword Search Tool

Into this Wealth Affiliate University, I found a fantastic tool called “Jaaxy” (There is a free and paid version) that bring me keywords with significant research (more than 50 searches on Google) and little competition (less than 300 competitors).  In this way, I found my domain.

My Own Domain

When I began to take the wealth affiliate level two, I bought my domain named, I started to build my new site (I deleted the site that I had begun)  writing valuable content to my readers and requiring feedback for my site from the great community into the program.

Their feedback helped me to fix some mistakes and improve my site. Then began to make comments in other websites into the community to rank my site on Google. There are a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to improve my rank on Google.

Below you can see a sample of the classes in a video format:


How To Make Money Online

The Most Valuable Feature on Wealthy Affiliate

In my opinion, The most important feature of “Wealthy Affiliate” is the honesty of its co-founders and spirit of service. They are very active into the community and always helping people.


For all described above. That’s why I wrote the title of this post. To my Wealthy Affiliate was the door that gave me the entrance to my knowledge of how to achieve financial freedom

Open de Door To Your Financial Freedom Now!


If you have some questions or doubts, please write below and will be my pleasure answer asap:)


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  1. And that door leads to many doors inside! LOL

    Putting it on a positive context, take Sun Tzu’s proverb that ‘Opportunities multiply as they are seized’.

    And in this case, good opportunities. Like attracts like, and with the goodness of Wealthy Affiliate based on your review here, it looks like a door leading to many doors that are also good. It’s worth entering at. 🙂

  2. Simple and complete. The site is very simple but it has enough information to start understanding the process.
    On my perspective I saw some inconsistencies that if corrected the site will be of greater interest.
    On the SEO page there are no headings while on the other pages there are.

    Simple details that will make great difference

    Best of luck from El Paso Texas

  3. I am also a member at Wealthy Affiliate and can attest to the honesty of the owners. They are up front of what is expected of you to build a successful business online and they lay out the step-by-step process to do that. There is no smoke and mirrors. Just follow what they say and work hard. That simple. What I also really enjoy at Wealthy Affiliate is community. The most helpful, nice, and inspiring community online.
    Great article!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for writing this great review about Wealthy Affiliate.
    I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 3 years ago, it’s the place to sign in when you’re looking to start an online business.
    It’s platform works the best, and the training is the best for anyone who is looking for to become an affiliate marketer.

    1. Alejandra, thanks for your comment.

      Indeed, with the platform of wealthy affiliate I have learned the most advanced techniques currently used and has given me a very interesting perspective on how to do business online.

  5. Hello Alberto
    thanks so much for sharing your tips on Wealthy affiliate and the indetail written review.
    As someone just getting started online and still new to all these, it gives me courage to try the program.Now you mention it`s free to get started with Wealthy Affiliate, in my short time online I have come to learn that nothing is free.What`s the catch at Wealthy Affiliate?I know you say the first 7 days of the bootcamp are free, what if I do not want to upgrade as suggested? will I be asked to leave or how will it work out?
    Like you, I have been scammed before so im trying to be careful, that`s why I`m asking all these questions.
    Another thing you mentioned is that the membership is $49 a month,what happens if at some time in the future I do not want to continue or cant afford paying the $49 and want to leave, what happens to my site hosted there?
    Thanks for your answers really appreciate.

    1. Hi, Roamy thanks for your comments and questions.

      Courses such as boot camp, the ten first lessons, will always be free and you will never be asked to leave the platform. You can stay for free for as long as you want. There is a lot of additional information on the platform.

      You are right, in this world nothing is free, and Wealthy Affiliate is also a business; however, the difference is that if you like the courses that provide you for free and want to learn more; then you can access the day you want to the premium version.

      In the Premium version will have 40 other lessons among many more things, such as videos each week of new and current topics and help at all times 24 hours a day.

      If you can no longer pay the premium version, you are given 30 days before deleting your content so you can change your site to another server or copy your site and maybe in the future reestablish your site on this platform or the one you prefer, but you can stay like starter member always.

  6. I was without any real help before I found WA. It allowed me to start from my own interests to build online businesses so I’m actually excited to work on the websites WA helped me create. That’s the way to start if you want to succeed because your final goal is not at all self-centered, but very very altruistic. I’ve learned we need to find more peace and joy in our current condition and just keep working toward our dreams. If you don’t get there immediately don’t feel like you are not a winner.

  7. Can’t agree enough. Lucky for me, Wealthy Affiliate is the first web hosting and building site that I signed up for. I enjoyed the whole process of self discovery that began there.. on niches and passions. Connecting with the needs of the people.

    I enjoyed the warm community and fantastic support available premium membership. It definitely saves a lot of heart aches ( money ) and detours.

    All the best in your journey to financial freedom..

    1. Hi, Jai thanks for your comment

      Yes, the WA hosting is very secure and fast, and you can buy your domain and host it for free.

  8. Hello Alberto,

    What a great platform you have introduced to me today. Indeed, Wealthy Affiliate looks like the best place to start my online business and get all the training I need to succeed.

    I have been looking for ways to build my own free website and so the moment you said wealthy affiliate offer you the opportunity to build your own two free website, I was so impressed about their program.

    Also, the fact hat I can join Wealthy Affiliate for free alone tells me that it really a legitimate platform. In this way, I have nothing to loose and so no fears at all. Unlike other platforms who will ask you to pay some money before you can even start anything.

    I’m going to sign up now. Thanks so much for sharing this review with me.

  9. Great review on WA I am with them also and can say so for myself that the support and training are top notch and really do help you build an online business for the long term. After finding this site I’ve realized that I have been wasting my valuable time to site and programs or software that won’t ever help you earn at all. I love going through people success stories and getting their take on such a great community. Thanks, Matt.

  10. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and had thought many times about how lucky I was to find it.
    For me was the most 2 things most important.
    A) I got very soon confirmed that I was in right place when they said again and again how this job. I mean they were very realistic, no promise about after 3 weeks you are a millionaire but show you the way how you can have this a full-time job, or add with another job if you want that prefer.
    B) Very good step way about how you should do it. A great and, again, realistic help!

    Later I saw how helpful the community is, really pay it forward thinking. Are you agree about that?

    1. Hi, Jóhann thanks for the comment.

      Of course, I agree. The Wealthy Affiliate program is an honest and realistic program that teaches you the right way to make money online. You have to build your business step by step following the directions from winner people. People that are making a lot of money using the technics learned in this Wealthy Affiliate University.

  11. Hi Al how are you.

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love this page. I was in the same boat as you with the online scams. Such a drag and a waste of time. So glad you made this page it’s exactly what I went through and I found wealthy affiliates when I was looking for online work. Now i’m off and running.

  12. HI Almiller,

    Thank you for your page. I have been seeing and hearing this Wealthy Affiliate long time ago. But have ignored it many times. I am glad I have given time to see it. Thanks for the video walkthrough that really convinced me.
    I have been scammed many times too. I think the long-term mindset is the real deal.
    I’ll sign up in a second.

    Thank you,

  13. Hi Alberto,

    I can relate to you. Well, I haven’t been searching as long as you, but I have been searching online for a while, I’ve been scammed and I’ve always tried to get things done quickly.

    It looks like the long term goal is the way to go. But I assume not too long right? 🙂

    How do you keep going? It must be very challenging getting a new website to get visitors. Any pointers about that?


    1. Hi, Marco thanks for your comment.

      Effectively the business online is like any other business in the real world; you need work, investment and time to do a profitable business.

      At first, it is difficult to get visitors for free since your site should provide the best experience to the reader and search engines as google, bing or yahoo will eventually take confidence according to the statistics they get from your site.

      Therefore, your site must provide quality original content that will benefit the visitor and in this way your site is positioned better in these search engines which will send thousands of visitors for free who will buy your products or services making it profitable your online business.

      All this is learned in the Wealthy Affiliate University.

  14. Hey nice review!

    I agree, honesty is a huge deal in the online business space, and sadly, that is what’s missing in the majority of opportunities these days. So called industry leaders bouncing from one program to another so they can drain more and more $ from their following. So that’s why it’s so refreshing to read what you say about this Wealthy Affiliates deal.

    So how has this course helped you when it comes to traffic generation?

    1. Hi, Eric thanks for your comment.

      I have several posts from my site in the first page on google. These positions receive a lot of traffic every day and  once visitors arrive at my site, they can read other posts that promote different products or services.

  15. I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be an awesome platform for building an online business. There is nothing else like it!
    For everything that you get… It’s well worth the premium price of $49/month. A FREE membership is available but I highly recommend upgrading to Premium. The certification course, domain, website hosting, affiliate program, support, & the most helpful community around. These are just a few of several benefits to joining Wealthy Affiliate.
    Join now & open up the door of opportunities for the best way to earn an honest living!

  16. Hello Alberto,

    I just finished reading your Wealthy Affiliate review and I’m convinced it’s for me. I’ve been looking for ways to make money online. I have an Ebay store and do pretty well but tired of dealing with cheap customers. I also hate packing and shipping because it takes a lot of time. I just signed up, I can’t wait to get started!


  17. There are pretty much endless opportunities in the field of internet marketing! 🙂
    The most important factor for success, in my opinion, is focus, following a specific opportunity until it makes money. People often rely on the Gurus of internet marketing to help them make money online and if that doesn’t work they give. They don’t understand that the best teacher is experience.
    However, help and support is immensely helpful like a shortcut. All this can be found on Wealthy Affiliate which is a great opportunity. I’m a member and it’s worth every penny of the membership. 🙂

    1. Hi thanks for your comment.

      Effectively, Wealthy Affiliate has a community of more than 800,000 members around the world willing to help 24/7. This support dramatically accelerates learning to become a successful online person.

  18. I have joined wealthy affiliate myself and am now a paid member. I found the community and resources extremely valuable and would have gladly paid much more than I did. I am learning everyday and I a sure that great success is just around the corner for me. I especially love the live training that happens almost every week. The information here is awesome!

  19. I was sincerely wondering if you could expound more on this part where it says making comments into the community to receive better search Injun rankings? I was wondering how you do that if you could give a better explanation of that I’ll be sure to check that thank you very much.

    1. Hi, Andrew thanks for your comment.

      In the Wealthy Affiliate Program, there are several platforms like “Comments Platform” or “Feedback Platform” where the members are involved. If you make some comments on the posts or articles of the members, you will earn credits to use them to get comments or feedback  about your blog too. In this way, all the members cooperate each other and all win.

  20. Hi Alberto,

    Thank you very much for this Wealthy Affiliate Review. I find it amazing you get so much for so little money!

    Being an active member of Wealthy Affiliate really does increase, with time and effort, your chances of being financially successful online.

    I hear you on the scams part. I spent hours, so many hours, being scammed online. Often it was being scammed of time and work done but for no pay, it is lousy, and it does make you think everything’s a scam online.

    In my experience, Wealthy Affiliate Premium Option is the best opportunity I have found online so far and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


  21. This is a great blog! I’m sorry to hear you got scammed in the past, however I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and have absolutely nothing bad to say about it! Just like you, I wanted to build something for myself and this had everything I was looking for… and more! Now there’s over 900k members which means that help is even easier to find within the community these days, and it’s always available 24/7. Thanks for spreading the good news about WA, I’m glad I came across your blog today. 🙂

    1. Hi, Lizet thanks for your comment.

      About the support, when you write some post in your blog, in the WA there is a “feedback platform” with the members involved that can help you to improve your content. In this way, you can assure a great material, and your visitors will come back to your blog for more info.

  22. This article really shows the value of Wealthy Affiliate University. The way you have laid it out it should be plain to anyone that this program an opportunity for anyone who wants to get rid of their day job.
    It is especially great for beginners and it is only getting better and better!

    1. Hi, Cynthia thanks for your comment.

      Effectively, Wealthy Affiliate has all that you need to be successful online.Here you are going to be learning about the process of earning money online, getting your website up and running, creating your site, and fully understand the process of how the Internet business works. You have full access to create discussions, ask questions, help others, and take part in any of the training included within this section.

  23. I have been a member of WA for a little over a year now. I did research on it for 2 weeks before I finally took the plunge. Since it was free for a week and didn’t require a credit card I figured, why not? At the end of the week I was hooked and I went premium. $19 for the first month is a great deal and so is $47 a month after that. If it wasn’t for the free trial, I probably never would have tried it. What do you like most about WA?

    1. Hi, Gary thanks for your comment.

      Yes, The same thing happened to me. I thought, well is free, and I have a week to make a decision. I learned the first ten lessons in a day or two, and I wanted more, so I paid the $19 for the Premium option.

      I like several things like the live video classes each week, the support that is very fast and the hosting is very secure and quick too. The help from the community, etc.

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