The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is – The Door To Your Financial Freedom

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 Free Membership, $47/mth Premium
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Who it’s for: From Newbie to Expert


Yes, the wealthy affiliate review is the enter to your financial freedom. Let me explain you.

Live_Chat_To_HelpAfter 18 years I have been surfing the web looking my financial freedom. I have been scammed a lot of times for people that promise you get rich overnight. I bought tutorials, guides, courses, software and personal mentor about making money online but all failed. I made some money, but the net balance was negative.

But let me confess that I had never tried to build a business with a long-term goal. Always the rush to make money right away. Want to earn money overnight was my big mistake. Making quick money online doesn’t exist. You have to work hard and build your business step by step at least for one year. This process is the reality!

I have been persistent and one day checking a review from another scam program that promised you make a lot of money right away, the article author refers me to a program named “Wealthy Affiliate.”

I felt curious, and I signed up because was free.

 My first trial about the program was that there was enough support from the owners and the community, in general, looked very numerous.

Ten Lessons For Free

I found ten lessons for free, and I thought I had nothing to lose, and began to take the lessons. When I finished studying, I discovered that I needed only three things to be successful:

1) Choose a niche.

2) Build a site.

3)Write valuable content.


Two Websites For Free

I chose a niche, built a site and wrote some content. By the way, the program provided me two free sites very easy to make in only three clicks. These sites were blogs utilizing WordPress with plug-ins and hosting included.

If you want to get this two websites Click Here

Ten Lessons For Boot Camp For Free

Because I had finished my ten free lessons (level one) and the Premium Option worth $ 47 / month, but during the first 7 days of starting the program costs $ 19 / month; still he had time to keep trying and started taking the 10 Free Lessons to promote the affiliate program ” Wealth Affiliate”.

Ten Free Lessons Boot Camp

Premium Option

The seven days had finished, and I had to make a decision about the Premium Option. At this moment I had not doubt about the program because I needed to learn more about my own business. The Premium Program will open four levels more with 40 lessons! And:

  • Video Training.
  • Tutorial Training.
  • More than 13 classrooms.
  • Live and Interactive Help.
  • A large helpful community (Close to 700,000 members).
  • Free fast hosting
  • And Much More.

Keyword Search Tool

Into this Wealth Affiliate University, I found a fantastic tool called “Jaaxy” (There is a free and paid version) that bring me keywords with significant research (more than 50 searches on Google) and little competition (less than 300 competitors).  In this way, I found my domain.

My Own Domain

When I began to take the wealth affiliate level two, I bought my domain named, I started to build my new site (I deleted the site that I had begun)  writing valuable content to my readers and requiring feedback for my site from the great community into the program.

Their feedback helped me to fix some mistakes and improve my site. Then began to make comments in other websites into the community to rank my site on Google. There are a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to improve my rank on Google.

The Most Valuable Feature on Wealthy Affiliate

In my opinion, The most important feature of “Wealthy Affiliate” is the honesty of its co-founders and spirit of service. They are very active into the community and always helping people.


For all described above. That’s why I wrote the title of this post. To my Wealthy Affiliate was the door that gave me the entrance to my knowledge of how to achieve financial freedom

Open de Door To Your Financial Freedom Now!


If you have some questions or doubts, please write below and will be my pleasure answer asap:)


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  1. And that door leads to many doors inside! LOL

    Putting it on a positive context, take Sun Tzu’s proverb that ‘Opportunities multiply as they are seized’.

    And in this case, good opportunities. Like attracts like, and with the goodness of Wealthy Affiliate based on your review here, it looks like a door leading to many doors that are also good. It’s worth entering at. 🙂

  2. Simple and complete. The site is very simple but it has enough information to start understanding the process.
    On my perspective I saw some inconsistencies that if corrected the site will be of greater interest.
    On the SEO page there are no headings while on the other pages there are.

    Simple details that will make great difference

    Best of luck from El Paso Texas

  3. I am also a member at Wealthy Affiliate and can attest to the honesty of the owners. They are up front of what is expected of you to build a successful business online and they lay out the step-by-step process to do that. There is no smoke and mirrors. Just follow what they say and work hard. That simple. What I also really enjoy at Wealthy Affiliate is community. The most helpful, nice, and inspiring community online.
    Great article!

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