The Warrior Forum and Others – An Endless Source Of Prospects

The Warrior Forum is my prefer forum because my niche is in the internet marketing, but forums exist to almost any niche that I know. Forums, in general, is an endless source of traffic or prospects for your niche.

Participating on forums like the warrior forum making answers and questions leaving your website link in your signature; is the way you can get a lot of targeted traffic. It is simple but very powerful.

It is important to know the general advice apply to any forum. This way you can avoid being put out of the forum. I will list the of some of them.


Some Advices


1.- Don’t join with the goal of promoting your website. Do not sell anything, only answer the questions adding value in it or make relevant issues. Believe me; your signature is enough to get a lot of traffic.

2.- Read the rules before posting. Each forum has their rules; take a minute to read them. Usually, they are at the top of the forum.

3.- Before you make a new thread, search the site looking for the answer. All the answers and questions recorded since the beginning of the forum. Do not waste your time or that of others.

4.-  Each time you see an issue which you have the answer, respond immediately. If your response adds real value, other will notice, and surely you will get some clicks from your signature.

5.- Do not get lost in the forums. The forums have a lot of valuable information but some of them are huge, and you can get lost your goal clicking from one post to post losing our time.


Some of The Best Internet Marketing Forums


Warrior Forum

This forum begins since 1997 and is the number one without a doubt,  here are some stats (20-08-2016):

Threads: 705,158

Posts: 8,511,506

Members: 1,125,025



The # 1 Internet Marketing Forum


You can see what popular this forum is and last time that I visited the forum, there was a thread named  “Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum” with 1,429 visitors viewing this topic.

In another hand, the replay is very quickly and into the community there are a lot of experts that help people all the time.


Wicked Fire

This forum is specialized in affiliate marketing and has a lot of members involved in pay per click (PPC) and Cost Per Action (CPA). These are their stats (08-19-2016):

Threads: 146,470

Posts: 2,105,714

Members: 197,861


Specialized on Internet Marketing Forum


Self-Starters Weekly Tips

This forum changed his name to ClickNewz and is smaller compared to others but is more personal. I found that the attention and help given on each post are great and his founder Lynn Terry, a 22 veteran of internet marketing, helps people herself. These are their stats (08-20-2016):

Threads 9,448

Posts 92,865

Members 2,651


More Personal Forum


Digital Point Forum

This forum is the biggest on Internet Marketing, is enormous and have all kind of topics like:

  • General Business
  • General Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Payment Processing
  • Social Networks
  • Link Development
  • Legal Issues
  • Domain Names
  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Affiliate Programs

This forum has a lot of information and helps to get valuable content and a lot of traffic from them. Some stats for this forum (08-20-2016):

Threads: 2,314,678

Posts: 17,390,725

Members: 797,222


The Biggest Internet Marketing Forum


One of the best ways to get prospects or free targeted traffic to your blog or site is posting valuable answers and making relevant questions on specialized forums. Also, you will get all your questions answered from experts and learn a lot from your topic or theme. Then, you will post some new ideas on your blog with this new knowledge and get more traffic from the search engines.

If you have some questions or comments, please write below, and I will answer it immediately.

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This article has 10 Comments

  1. This is interesting to say the least! I never thought this was one way to get traffic to be honest. So just to be clear…All I need to do is register for one of these forums, answer questions to the best of my ability and leave my signature at the bottom of each reply? It’s that simple, right?

    It all makes sense now that if you replies are just that good, people will want to know what else you have written. So they will click on your website.

    Thanks, I’m on it

    1. Yes, is very simple. Remember help people and not sell. If your help has value other people will notice and will click on your signature link

  2. Hi Alberto

    Good to have visited you website.

    And firstly, I like your website appearance. Your site looks abundant and it has good quality categories and pages jam-packed with information a visitor like me would like to know. You certainly have a well-balanced contents, color and images to let users to grasp the subjects in a meaningful way.

    Very impressive overall, well done and keep the good
    work going.

    Best wishes, Anna

  3. Thank you for the fantastic read! Because of your site, I am actually doing the 30 day free trial of Warrior Forum! You are right that you can easily get lost, so much information! Any other tips you can give, to get started? There is so much that I do not know where to begin. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

    1. Only say hello and talk about you. Then answer some questions if you know the answer or make a question about something you want to know. Do not be afraid, just write.

  4. Great topic!

    What you say is so true. Offering HELP on the different forums that are within your niche is a great way to get visitors to your site without a doubt.

    However, you’ve got to be a help to the community rather than self-promoting. If you’re not, you’ll be dropped like a “hot potato” and viewed as a spammer or scammer, so be sure to do it right!

    I haven’t checked out all the forums you’ve mentioned, but I would stay away from the “Warrior Forum” – in my humble opinion, they are the King of scams and do not want to be associated with them in any way (with the possible exception of research, of sorts).

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks for your comment.

      Effectively, the warrior forum has a section where there are a lot of scams.This section is called “Warrior Special Offers”; but the section “Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum” is a gold mine to get free targeted traffic.

  5. Thanks for this information. It has been in front of me the whole time but I didn’t realize it. I have been to the warrior forum several times but only to read reviews. It never occurred to me that I could leverage this forum for traffic.
    You are right, joining a forum should be for helping first and one needs to follow the rules.

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