The Top 7 Link Baiting Techniques To Drive Website Traffic Part 2/2

Link baiting is the process of generating compelling content and using it as bait to get links. For instance, if you blog about a useful product or service that people can’t live without, it means that a lot of people will be interested in it and without a doubt will link to your blog from their sites or blogs. The links that you will get come with numerous benefits the principal ones being improved ranking and increased web traffic. However, without the right link baiting techniques, you might not realize these benefits.

If you are looking for effective link baiting techniques, then you are in the right place. In this piece, you will learn about four surefire link baiting techniques that have been proven to be as effective as bloggers claim they are. If you wish to discover more, continue reading.

Do Video

Do_VideoCreating and posting videos on your link bait page will encourage your readers to share your link widely and drive tons of traffic to your site. According to recent statistics, over two-thirds all web traffic is video. It is forecasted that shortly almost eighty percent of all traffic will be video.

Take advantage of this and create interesting videos showing how to do something, product reviews, to mention a few for guests who dislike reading articles. Besides, you can post videos about customer testimonials to prove to your visitors that your products or services are as useful as you claim or even better.

To create the best videos self-host if possible. Next, ensure that you create a link that will direct all those who watched your videos to your site for more information about your products or services. Share the content as much as possible on social media and other video platforms to try making the video go viral and get more links.

And that is not all. Unlike articles that can be quickly plagiarized, it’s a daunting task to recreate a video. This means that the content in your videos won’t be twisted and posted many other blogs. Lastly, it’s much easier to link back to videos, and that is why you should use them together with great posts on your blog.

Be Innovative

Necessity is the mother of invention. If you can manage to invent something in your niche that the masses will find Innovationuseful, be sure you will be linked to heavily by others in your niche unlike when you don’t invent. Be the first to break the ice. If you are always second or third them you are less likely to have a lasting impact in your niche.

For instance, if the first person to come up with mobile money transfer had a blog then many readers would have shared his story because they had something new to learn from him and this would have generated tons of traffic for his blog. Unfortunately, he didn’t own one and had never reaped the benefits that come with increased traffic. He would have made more from his invention but ended up not making much yet his work is accepted and appreciated worldwide.

If you can’t invent, you can come up with a new phrase in your niche, and when people start knowing about it, they will want to know more about its origin. Guests who have already visited your blog will direct those who haven’t to do so and find out about all that you have to offer and you will get many links. Be creative, put in some hard work, research and innovate what people need and links to your site will keep popping out of the blues.

Utilize Infographics

IinfographicsDo you post complex information on your blog? If you are among those bloggers who can’t develop killer content, include infographics in your blogs. Well, infographics communicate such information effectively via images, graphs, and charts. They turn the facts and figures into visual information to avoid overwhelming a reader who can’t quickly comprehend. In simple terms, infographics will help break down the complicated information using images and text.

If you can create infographics, make sure you use relevant images to ensure that you completely capture the reader’s attention. If your infographics are attractive and break down complex information to digestible visual data, then they will be shared widely by readers and your blog will be heavily linked to when they use them for their content increasing your traffic.

On the opposite, if you can’t create comprehensive infographics yourself, it’s a grand idea to contact bloggers who are good at creating infographics to help you out. You don’t have to go through the tough times of trying to build captivating infographics, yet other bloggers can lend you a hand.

Provide Hosting Services

Can you sponsor or perhaps sell hosting to other bloggers? Well, most bloggers who are in a position to do so haveHosting_Services gained thousands of links to their sites by trading their free hosting spaces to sponsor another blogger who will link them back to return the favor. For sure this technique will get you quality links if the bloggers you are sponsoring are serious with their business.

It is advisable to sponsor websites that receive an overwhelming number of visitors. A good example is a church blog site. If the property or services that you offer are directly relevant to the church blog site, then be sure that you will receive lots of deep links to your blog site from the church blog site.

Another example of an excellent blog that you can sponsor is an entertainment blog. Most people like to find out more about their favorite artists or entertainment news and if that blog is popular then be sure you will get more links from it if your products or services are relevant to the entertainment industry. The list of blogs that you can sponsor to get links is endless if you can provide quality hosting services.


To this end, it’s easy to tell the link baiting strategies highlighted in this post are very useful. These four are the only ones that could fit in this post which means that there is still a lot more that could not be accommodated here. I have an upcoming article that will shed more light on three other powerful link baiting strategies. Hopefully, you have learned something new about link baiting strategies and that you are looking forward to my next article to read more.

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