The Best Way On How To Make Money Online – I found It after 18 years


SCAMI was looking for 18 years the best way on how to make money online; however, It was tough to find a genuine way on how to earn money online because in your way you find thousands of programs and beautifully presented systems and an impressive marketing you sell the idea of making money overnight.
Of course, I fell into their trap, and I was scammed many times as I’ve always been a dreamer, but I have also been very persistent and knew there was a way how to make money online.

I bought many courses, videos, software, had specialized mentors, etc. spending a fortune on it, without any satisfactory result.

When sales could make my advertising costs were higher than my income; in short, a complete failure in my endeavors.

Until a happy day, I found an affiliate program called “Wealthy Affiliate” which gave me the REAL and true knowledge of how to make money online.

Something not done consciously in my mind and kept me many years away from knowledge or magic formula of how to make money on the internet was wanting to earn money immediately or overnight. Until I realized that’s what they sell all those programs or courses or software precisely offering money overnight. But that DOES NOT EXIST!

I want to emphasize that what we found is that it takes a time to generate qualified traffic, and this is providing valuable content that helps people solve a problem or provide some task. Do not try to sell any product or service; that comes also.

Then I will show you the best way step by step how to build an online business that consistently generates money for many years.

Choosing a Niche

To succeed in your online business need to pick a niche that is your passion; that is, you do not get bored write much about it since this is what you will do in the future.

To find your niche, I recommend two sites that have a lot of categories and products. These sites are Amazon and e-Bay.

Let’s visit as an example for you to see how a niche is selected.

Assuming that to you like a sport; for a sample, run. Check on Amazon:

Looking for Categories


Looking for particular niche


Selecting the product to sell


Or you can check on e-Bay:

Looking on e-Bay a particular niche


Selecting the product to sell

Buying a Domain & Building a Blog

You have your niche; in this example, “run” or “running”. You have purchased a domain so you can locate in this vast ocean that is the internet where there are billions of sites.

This domain name is the name of your company and needs a tool to make this name is a keyword that people are looking for in the search engines like google, bing or yahoo that provide 95% of the search results.

To find this name, we need a tool that I use called “Jaaxy.” It requires that the keyword searched have at least 50 searches per month and less than 300 competitors; so that we can position ourselves on the first page of search engines; otherwise, we will be invisible.

We must find this word in the “Jaaxi” tool as shown below:


Now we have our keyword with 167 searches per month and only 35 competitors. Also, the domain “” is available. Moreover, the domain is available according to our “jaaxi” tool.

Before buying your domain, you need to build your blog with the following tool that offers two free blogs:


This tool will open the following page:


and with only three clicks you make your blog for free


and the hosting is FREE too!

This platform is an affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate and has two versions $0.00 Free Subscribing and Premium Subscribing $47/month. If you choose the Premium version, you can transfer all your free site to your domain site with hosting included. But you can stay on the free version the time you want.

 Writing Valuable Content

 This part is critical to the success of your blog; if you do well, I assure you will have many sales, and the internet can live the rest of your life with the freedom that this implies.

My recommendations are as follows:

1. When writing your content DO NOT TRY TO SELL any product or service.
2. The information you share will be of value to your audience; that is, you have to help your visitor to solve problems or to provide any particular task. This way, your content will be valuable to your prospects, and you will surely be considered a relevant and trustworthy person.
3. Your content should be unique or original, do not copy anything from other places because this will damage the ranking of your blog on search engines. Do not use any program to replace with synonyms your written called spinners.
4.-when you find a keyword, do not try to write about that word best used the related word.
In our example, the keyword “running techniques for beginners”, you can write using keywords like “lessons for newbie runners,” “running shoes,” “long distance running,” etc., this way the search engines like google will give better positions in the search results.

Monetizing Your Blog

You can monetize your blog using affiliate programs that give you a commission for selling their products. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs for almost anything. Just enter in google the following:

For our example:

running sport + affiliate programs

and you will see 10,000’s of them:


I recommend you Amazon and e-Bay because have millions of products to sell, and you can make a good commission with them.

There are affiliate networks like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River; etc. that give you high commissions as big as $50% – 75%! By the way, “Jaaxy” includes some networks affiliate program and proposed products for keywords found.

In another hand, Google has his affiliate program called Google Adsense, which it is a platform that provides ads that you put into your blog and get a commission every time someone clicks on the ad. The income is small, but depending on the content of your site can be interesting. In fact, many sites only use this medium to monetize your website.

Tambien pudes crear tu propio producto digital en forma de video, formato pdf o cualquier otro medio electrónico y venderlo en tu sitio. El límite para monetizar tu blog es el cielo.

Promoting Your Blog

Once you have created your content you must advertise your site in several ways.

There are many ways to promote your blog, but you share the most powerful until this day I know.

The main one is through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo which produce 95% of searches made by people on the internet.

If you need to get significant traffic from these engines, your site should appear on the first page of these on each keyword that you develop in your content.

To achieve a good position, you must provide valuable content and others will do the algorithms Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Another form of promotion is through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.

I use a plugin to share each post you elaborate on my blog; if you look at the left side of my blog, you will find icons of these social media. By the way, if you liked this article, share it using the above symbols.

There are many other forms of promotion, but if you do your job well, with only these two should be sufficient to generate enough money to your site. Of course, you can create all the sites you want in different niches

How Long To Have Results

This subtitle is the question we all do when we propose a new way of doing things; in this case, to make money online.

I’ll make some totally real mathematical calculations and based on the experience of thousands of people.

Each post you elaborate produces an average of 5 daily visits to your site. If you make three post a week, you would have 3×4 = 12 articles in a month and a year would be 12×12 = 144 posts that would be generating 144×5 = 720 visitors a day, or 720 * 30 = 21,600 visitors each month.

With this amount of prospects, depending on your site concerned, you can generate several thousand dollars a month, enough to live on the internet.

These calculations base on averages and if you subscribe to the program “Wealth Affiliate“, you know the statistics of people who are doing what I report in this article. It is fascinating that achieved in one month, three months or a year since I started with this system.

I hope that you have reached these calculations answer the question posed at the beginning of this paragraph.


As you could see, making money online is relatively easy if you have the essential skills and have the patience and perseverance to keep working on your blog at least one year. Of course, if you write faster while providing valuable content, you can reach your goal much earlier.The_Best Way_On_How_To_Make_Money_Online

What it is exciting and motivating to see your traffic grow as you progress in the development of your site.

I recommend widely to subscribe to the affiliate program “Wealthy Affiliate.” You have nothing to lose and much to learn. Remember that the subscription is free, and if you like, you can upgrade to the Premium version. There is no pressure. It’s whenever you want.

If you have questions or comments, it will be a pleasure to answer immediately. Just type below.


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  1. Hi,

    I’ve also done a lot of searching for a way to make money online like you but I haven’t actually acted on anything yet.

    The reason I haven’t acted on anything yet is because I’m worried about all the scams out there. It can be so hard to tell the difference between the scams and the honest programs.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds really good based on your article. I love the fact that you don’t need any experience and that it’s free to try. I’ve always found that most of the programs that claim to help you make money online these days want you to pay them up front before you have the chance to even try it out.

    It’s not possible to know it I’ll like something or if it’s legitimate before I’ve tried it. So that’s why I’ve just never done anything.

    I think I’ll sign up for Wealthy Affiliate on your recommendation because it does sound honest and real.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, The Wealthy Affiliate program is free to try, and you’ll receive ten lessons and two websites for free and much more. You can stay on the version free all the time you want; there is no pressure.

  2. Hey Alberto,
    I totally agree with you on the Online Business part, its the best way to make passive income in my opinion and I have been monetising my blog for close to 2 years.

    The best is not the part where you can work anytime you want (Which is already good enough), but the fact that even when you don’t publish content for a week, your site will still monetize which is pretty cool. Highly recommended for those serious in making a second income from home!

  3. Hey Alberto, I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now and used some of the techniques you wrote about writing valuable content. As of today, I have about 120 posts, but most of my articles are not in page one. What could be the problems and how do I rectify them? Please help.

    1. Regarding your content is not on the first page, which I can tell you; without being an expert in SEO,you may select keywords that have a lot of competition, more than 300 competitors. I suggest you use a tool called Jaxxy (it is free and also paid) that gives you the keywords of less than 300 competitors. Another reason might have too many plugins on your site take too long to load. They may be many reasons.

      Providing valuable content that helps a lot to your page rank well but is not the only thing. Google has in its algorithm hundreds of variables. I suggest you find an expert in SEO.

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