Ten Surefire Ways To Get Comments On Your Blog

People blog for many different reasons. For instance, some blog for entertainment and fun, networking, exposure, business or reason, journalism, education to mention just a few. Unfortunately, most bloggers aren’t getting as many comments as they wish on their blogs and they are wondering why. If you are among them, keep reading because this post sheds more light how to get more comments on your blog.

Boost Traffic To your Site

If you are wondering how to get comments to your blog, you need to increase the number of visitors to your blog. You can not get comments on your blog if people are not visiting your blog. There are several ways to boost traffic to your site if you already know your target audience. For instance, you can frequently post to build more traffic and receive more comments.

Take A Clear Stand In Your Posts

Come out clearly in your posts to let readers know your opinion. Never sit on the fence, write well and include interesting thoughts in your posts to attract lots of comments. Also, chose to write on controversial topics or be alluring to receive more comments. However, you should exercise much caution when provoking readers to get the right comments.

Respond To All Comments You Get



Ensure that you leave a satisfactory reply to all the comments that you receive. This shows that you care about your readers and that you would like to continue sharing more with them. It is great to be very honest and polite when replying to your comments. It is a very convenient way to keep conversations moving along and taking part in discussions on your blog.


Get Better Hosting

If you have subscribed to mediocre hosting services, then readers may have a difficult time submitting comments especially if there is lots of traffic to your blog. Ensure that your hosting service provider is up to the task and if you have a huge site give managed hosting providers a try for better speed.

Spark Conversations

Spark conversations with all those commenting your blog. Getting more comments is not all about offering your opinion. It also involves allowing the readers to give their views too. The best way to start conversions with your readers is closing your posts with a question for them to answer.

Allow Comments To Be Rated

Create your blog in such a way that comments can receive ratings from other readers. If you have already created your blog, you can just include features that allow users to rate comments and transform your blog into a highly engaging discussion stage. Ratings will enable readers to find useful comments quickly.

Display Newest Comments First

When readers are looking at your blog for the first time, they are unaware of what is unfolding in your comments section. If there is a fiery debate going on in your blog, displaying the newest comments first is the best way to let visitors have a chance to view the current discussions and share their opinion.

Build A Blog For The Best Comments


How_To_Get_Comments_On_Your_BlogCreate a post for the best comments and top commenters to encourage and appreciate visitors to your blog. You will get more repeat visitors if they notice that you appreciate their effort to make your comments lively. Without such visitors, your blog will lack the comments that you are desperately looking for to expose it.


 Comment On Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs that are relevant to your niche and leaving a link that directs readers to your site will also increase the number of comments on your blog. What you will be doing is starting a conversation that will be seen by many other readers and lead to more comments on your blog.

Create Contests

Create competitions to attract comments from first-time visitors to your blog. They will be very happy to leave the second or third comment once they have broken the ice. All you must do is run a contest and award random commenters on a post. In fact, this will not attract only first-time readers but also new visitors.


As you can see, getting comments on your blog involves a considerable amount of effort and time, which is something you, just like most bloggers, may find overwhelming. Fortunately, you have read this post and now know the whole process. Getting more comments on your blog will ensure that your blog remains relevant and compelling in your niche. For this purpose, it’s necessary to use the steps outlined in this post and stay patient. Your persistence will finally pay off in the end.

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