Social Media

How to Get Traffic from Social Media

stock-photo-16970290-social-mediaThings have changed drastically since the invention of the internet. For example, people can now communicate over barriers such as oceans and mountains instantaneously. More importantly, people can now buy goods and services from the comfort of their homes. In fact, most of the 3 billion people who use the internet either have purchased or are planning to make an online purchase in future. That means you have a great opportunity to appeal to an almost limitless market and to do so easily. All you need is a website and a bit of effort. More specifically, you need to drive more traffic to your website. You can do that by taking advantage of social media, which is the latest craze among young adults. It is also quite popular with teens and the elderly seem to like it. Here is how to get traffic from social media.

Content and your target audience

First, you should understand the general psychology of a social media user i.e. they want to get away from the formalities of life. In other words, they go to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to have fun as opposed to interacting seriously with their friends or followers. For instance, the average Facebook user spends 20 minutes each day on the site. During this time, he wants to like photos or comment on posts among other things. To grab his attention you ought to create content that reflects the informality associated with social media. Do not be too serious or people will stop visiting your page. Share a harmless joke or two. Post an inspirational quote. Tweet about your business triumphs. Do such things and add links to your website. People will surely click on the website link as they check out your joke, quote, or tweet.

Consistency is critical

A big problem with most people is that they are not consistent on social media. To put it differently, they will not post on their social media platforms regularly. Some will do it after a week. Others after a month and some will post after a year. What happens is that the activity on your social media platforms slows down considerably. People forget about you and even the social media website you are on finds it easier to highlight posts from other pages than from you. You have to be on the top of everyone’s mind for you to get traffic to your website. That is the only way people will share your posts will their family members, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. These shares will translate into more traffic than you previously had because people tend to investigate what others share with them.

You should engage your audience

stock-illustration-91968155-simple-line-flat-design-of-web-social-campaignYou have no choice but to engage with your audience because they will go to your competitor if you do not engage with them. Answer their queries as best as you can and as much as you can. You should also share some links with them as you answer their questions. They will click on these links and as such, you will gain an additional amount of traffic. You should also consider sharing interactive content such as podcasts, photos, and video tutorials on your social media platforms. Make sure that the name of your website features prominently in these interactive materials. By doing so, you will surely drive traffic to your website.