Sharing Buttons – How They Influence Our Ranks and Conversions



When I learned about the influence of the buttons to share social media, I immediately gave myself the task of writing this article.

Did you know the buttons to share our articles written on our blog influence on our site ranking in search engines? Too many buttons prevent our visitors share our information?

It’s amazing also know that these buttons can do to decrease our sales conversions.

I will explain some of the effects buttons to share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.


Distraction  About The Main Objective

Depending on where the buttons to share on social media place, it can influence our conversions because they distract attention from our future buyer. For example, if a button is placed right away where this the buy button, probably will decrease our sales because the user saw the button of a social environment and can try to share our information in that social environment and distract him from the act of buying.







 You can make our slower pages

Because they use a plugin to offer these buttons to share our visitors; this can make our pages take longer to load directly damaging our ranking in the search engines and the sales conversion rate

Of course, there are options to replace these plugins altering our theme with programming blocks that can find at the following link: How to Create Social Sharing Button without any Plugin and Script Loading?


Beware Buttons Showing Shared Count

Unless your site has a high number of shared articles, not having them can make your visitors are psychologically influenced to see little numbers and prefer to go elsewhere.


More is Less

A reasonable visitor who reads your article choose to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Reedit all at the same time? What has made you ever? Surely not.

The Paradox of Choice – Why More is Less book by Barry Schwartz in 2004 published by the American Psychologist. The book argues that the elimination of the number of things to choose consumer significantly reduces anxiety buyer.

So the suggestion is only display two or maximum three buttons to share on social media.


download (2)HandPointingFacebook_&_Twitter_Buttons


The Design Of The Buttons

Poor design of the buttons significantly damages your site as the visitor jusgará the same for the poor design used on buttons.



To achieve a better ranking in search engines, ensuring greater sales conversion and share more of your blog articles on social media, you must follow the following recommendations:


1. Place the buttons to share away from the buttons to buy. This button prevents the buyer is distracted and prefer to go to the social environment rather than buying at that time.


2. Set directly on the theme of your site buttons to share on social media. You can use the proposed site at the following LINK. This program will remove the plugin used for buttons making faster your page with the effect of higher sales conversions, better ranking in search engines and more traffic as a result.


3. Do not use buttons with shared count unless you have a lot; avoiding damage the reputation of your site.


4. Use a good layout of buttons to give a professional image of your site.


5. Try to use two buttons to share on social media options to reduce the visitor and achieve the objective of sharing more articles.


Bonus: It is imperative to use CTA (Call to Action). Tell your visitors to share your post use buttons found in (describe the position thereof)


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