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Check Google Rank Position

Careful planning of keyword strategies can make or break a campaign. Picking the right keywords can help you rank better in search engines, and can drive more traffic to your website. Numerous factors influence how much success a particular keyword will have when paired with the content and purpose of a site, and figuring these factors out can be frustrating. Certain tools can help you to check Google rank position, as well as enable you to check Google place keyword. Below, the key features of each of these three tools outline.

Several tools exist to help you do this—some of them being Jaaxy, Keyword Revealer, and Keyword Eye. Whether you should use one or the other depends on your needs and your specific intentions.

Jaaxy For Check Google Rank Position

Jaaxy For Check Google Rank PositionA relatively new contender in the keyword tool market, Jaaxy is pulling its weight. It doesn’t rely on Google Keyword Planner for its results, and will as such find keywords that other tools will not. Its operation conforms to the standard—you enter a seed keyword, and you reward with a list of keywords based on it.

With Jaaxy, you can also check several boxes to filter and narrow your search, and as such get more relevant keywords. This lets you discover some hidden gems that you may not otherwise have thought of using in your campaign.

Jaaxy has several features that aid you in your research. The QSR quoted search result, the tool shows you how many web pages are targeting specific keywords. The KQI, keyword quality indicator, tool shows you a red, amber or green indicator of how good your keyword is. The SEO tool gives scores to keywords from 0 – 100, where a score of 100 marks the easiest keywords to rank within.

While Jaaxy is a premium device, it has a free version which allows you to try it out before committing. It is an effective way of planning your keywords strategically and has all the right features to make your research a breeze.

Keyword Revealer For Check Google Rank Position

This tool is faster than a click when it comes to searching. The lack of an okay’ button is no error—it’s because it searches in real time. Relevant keywords will instantly pop up on your screen, ready for you to survey.

One feature of Keyword Revealer is its keyword competition indicator. It looks like a speedometer from a car and will give you a sense of how much competition you will be facing when trying to rank within a particular keyword.

If you are stuck and cannot find keywords with buyer intent, Keyword Revealer can brainstorm them for you. It can also show you the estimated potential earnings based on the CPC (cost per click) of a particular keyword.

Keyword Revealer is a freemium tool, and while many of its features are very useful, it comes up with way fewer keywords per seed keyword in searches when compared to similar devices.

Keyword Eye For Check Google Rank Position

keyword_eyeHosting an array of features as well as filters for country and language, Keyword Eye provides a free tool for conducting your research. It can do calculations and perform research steps on many factors about keywords and their potential.

One of the main features of this tool is that it presents keyword data in an appealing visual format that allows you to the right click for further research on specific long tail keywords. Checking queries in various search engines as well as on Reddit and finding synonyms are also part of the features.

Keyword Eye does, however, present its data in a very narrow format, which can get tiring to scroll through if you do a lot of keyword research.

A rank checker tool is used to check Google rank positions, as well as do research on the potential of different keywords. Checking the Google position of a keyword will allow you to recognize where you should target your efforts to maximize return.

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