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Make a video online using another tool from WebFire 3.0 software called Video Firestorm. It is another of the 27 tools that structure such software; where you can make a video online using text that will become a series of slides.

The interesting thing is that this text can be an article you have written which it will become video, with the option of using your voice or that of a male or female by the computer which produced listening very natural thanks to the significant advances in technology.

Then I will describe each of the parts or characteristics that structure this tool.


Here you can add your text


In this case, the title of the text which accepts up to 100 characters put on. It is recommended for purposes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that you put in the title at least one of your keywords with which your video will find in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.


Here you can upload your text files (articles). If the system indicates that the text is too big; that means you need to make a series of videos (two or more) to complete the text size.

Text Box

If you did not go up the text (article) with the above option; Here you can paste the text or write it manually.


In this box keywords with which users search their video search engines put; separated by a space and horizontally.

Video Title

In this box will put the title of your video. Include at least one keyword in it.

Video Description

In this box, put the description of your video and put the links and at least one keyword


You can you select on a lot of icons that contains the system and place them next to the video as to give more presence.


Here you choose whether you want to tell the slides with your voice; or, choose from a male or female computerized voice to relate your slides into audio. The voice sounds very natural. With this technology, we avoid major costs such as use professional voices made in a recording studio.


Here you can choose between male or female voice. Software To Make Videos


You can select a template you like your video background; or, change the color.


You can choose your background and change the color

Processing Time

Approximately 15 minutes you will receive an email with your video over and with the option to upload it to the various sites (such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo,, etc.).We have to have a good marketing coverage.


With this powerful tool; which by the way; market cost about $ 47 / month and included in the WebFire 3.0 software, you can make your online video without needing technical expertise because the system is very user-friendly.

Seen the videos significantly increase the ranking of sites that handle that gives the user a better experience; moreover, as visitors usually see their online video, the longer they stay in this place generating pleased to Google for your site.

If you have any questions or wish to make any comments, write down and gladly answer immediately.

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