How To Make Money Writing Articles Online

How_To_Make_Money_Writng_Articles_OnlineWith the fast changing world and the extension of online space, it’s easier than ever to start and grow a successful online business that makes you money. The internet has opened up a host of incredible opportunities thereby making it possible to earn money online working from the comfort of your home.

If you are interested in finding out how to make money writing online, relax! This post will shed more light on how to make money writing articles online using the best affiliate program ever developed, Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a high-end affiliate program that is free for starters and only requires them to apply, establish their sites and start writing. Simple, isn’t it?

However, you can consider upgrading your account to the premium version at your leisure for a negligible monthly fee to have unlimited access to the world’s greatest affiliate program. If you can write captivating articles or can publicize articles written by others, becoming a member for is an excellent way for you to earn handsomely.

Since you’ll be promoting a service or product, you must have a killer sales pitch as well as web content to get readers interested in the product. You will have to persuade them that they can’t live without the product. And that is not all.

You will also have to ensure that they come back to your site frequently for more recommendations and useful content that will make them click on your links time and time again. Here is the procedure to earn money writing articles with Wealthy Affiliate.

Select Niche

Before you start making huge commissions with Wealthy Affiliate, you have decided on the niche or theme of your website. It’s a grand idea to identify the products or services that you want to promote. You will notice this when building your site. When you select your theme in advance, you will have an easy time planning the design and layout of your pages.

Create Site

With your niche in thought, the next step is to build your online marketing website. It is more exciting to build your site for the first time if you have settled on a particular theme. If you can’t create your site, you don’t need to worry as Wealthy Affiliate has a tool for building websites to make the process a walk in the park for users like you.


Keyword search is necessary because it will help you understand they types of keywords that are frequently searched for by potential clients in your niche. Wealthy Affiliate has a unique keyword search tool that will help you find low competition keywords to ensure that your site competes for a share of the pie with sites that rule search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Write Articles

When writing articles, ensure that you have your readers in mind. Studies have revealed that most online readers tend to scan pages to find the information they need rather than reading the entire page. Therefore, this means your articles must have good titles, several subtitles, and bullet points to help readers quickly scan your page. Failure to write your articles in this manner will turn visitors away before they learn what your affiliate link is all about.

Get Ranked

All online entrepreneurs want to have a good ranking on search engines these days. Using the keywords generated by Wealthy Affiliate‘ s keyword search tool when writing articles your site will appear among the top results of search engines. With the right keywords, your site will get much recognition, and your website ranking will improve significantly.

Generate Traffic

To generate tons of traffic to your site, ensure that you post informative articles that talk about only the products that you promote on your site. For example, if sell car parts make sure that you write articles about car parts and cars. After that, ensure that you place a link that directs readers to your website to purchase the products.

Give Offers

Include several offers into your site using the affiliate program goods and services you promote to attract more

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potential clients. Giving offers will make you stand out from the crowd and will increase your chances of success. By implementing the information shared in this post, you will make four or five figure profits without much hassle with Wealthy Affiliate.


There are thousands of products that rake in unbelievable affiliate commission rates if you know how to pre-sell and deliver clicks via customers who are ready to purchase.

As long as you choose to promote a service or product that can be precious to the masses, then pre- selling it on Wealthy Affiliate will be simple. The secret to making money writing with Wealthy Affiliate is getting customers to your site so that they see your recommendations and click on your affiliate links.

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  1. I’ve been a professional writer for many years, since long before the internet. The internet has been both a blessing and curse for freelance writers.

    It’s been a curse because it has increased competition a thousand fold. It now takes extraordinary writing talent and persuasive powers to earn a comfortable income as a freelance writer.

    On the other hand, as you point out in your article “How to Make Money Writing Articles Online,” the internet has given anyone with basic writing skills the opportunity to earn as much money as they want, simply by getting the training you recommend.

  2. This all looks great, but what if you are no good at writing killer sales pitch. Do you know of any great copy writers that deliver this service at a reasonable rate.

    This is one area that I think I need to improve in. Does Wealthy Affiliate offer courses in this?

    1. Hi Michel, thanks for your comment.

      Everybody with basic writer skills can make money with a blog. You don’t need to be a writer. However. you can outsource this task to professional writers. I can recommend

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