How to Grab Up Big Dollar Clients – Using Three Powerful Tools

Today, millions of competition are all too willing to grab a bigger share of the pie. Every trick you can find to increase your online business sales would be very beneficial. Let’s admit it. Most online business owners are into it for the cash. Nobody wishes to waste their time and effort just for the fun of it.

Be among those who would rather see profit any given day by finding a powerful software for generating tons of free traffic to your site that blend with valuable tools like a buyer keywords generator to turn your business around.

Webfire 3.0 is a traffic generating software that integrates with over 27 useful tools that make it stand head and shoulder tall above its competitors. With 95 % of the whole process automated, even those who don’t understand rocket science will have an easy time using it.

Webfire allows users to get free traffic that comprised of big money buyers that they can monetize to make the most out of without much hassle or competition. It’s buyer keywords generator is second to none in this otherwise competitive industry.

The truth of the matter is your competitors are only fighting for a tiny share of the pie. The key reason is that they are using the wrong strategies to generate traffic to their websites. When there is lots of competition in your niche you should think outside the box and start using proven methods and techniques to make your business profitable, or you will end up wasting your time and spending thousands of dollars.

For instance, most of your competitors target generic keywords not knowing that it is the beginning of their downfall. They have zero chance of achieving the results they desire by doing so. They end up spending more money generating traffic to their websites using the wrong methods instead of making six figure profits without much hassle using the methods discussed below.

Method 1

Target high-value keywords instead of generic keywords. For example, target keywords like 24 karat gold ring instead of a gold ring to cash in on commissions. Those who are interested in 24 karat gold rings won’t be many, but their value is immense.

You competitors aren’t targeting such keywords and thus presenting you with the opportunity to make cash and easy rankings on a silver platter. Mix them and other terms like designer or luxury in the title tags and pages to get ranked and find high-end buyers.

Method 2

Next, search for the keywords with the aim to find forums, blogs to mention just a few where the big spenders might be having queries that you can help them with, answer their questions to direct them to your site or contact them to buy through you.

Stop thinking that your competitors are fighting for such clients because most of them wait for customers to approach them instead of approaching clients directly. In fact, high-end consumers are complaining that nobody is willing to contact them about their six figure deals.

Gone are the ages of trying to do the two methods as discussed by hand thanks to Webfire. It developed as a result of deeper research and a better understanding of how to grab up big dollar clients. The trick is achieved for these three tools:

Buyer Keyword Generator

It’s impossible to put your website on the net with the right keywords. Buyer keyword generator will ensure you keep up with the ever-changing aspect of the web by helping you find useful keywords that you can use to optimize your website to grab big dollar clients.


Finding Buyer Keywords


Keyword Search Tool and Analysis of Competition

Do you know anything about SEO tools? Well, SEO can be a labor intense process. To save you some effort and time, Webfire is mingled with an SEO Tool that speeds up the process involved with SEO. Use the buyer keywords that you have generated with the first tool together with this SEO tool to optimize your site instantly and monitor competition.


Buyer keywords Analysis


Real Time Lead Finder

Real Time Finder is a useful tool for finding forums or blogs that are talking about your competitor keywords or have been discussing them in the recent past. And that is not all. It allows users to leave comments or post on them immediately. By finding the places that talk about your competitor keywords you increase your chances of generating steady traffic to your site.


Results for Real Time Lead Finder


Start using Webfire 3.0 today to target high-end customers and set your online business on a new path to success.

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  1. Traffic is always an issue when you are marketing. The most important is not the quantity of traffic but the quality. There is soo much money to be made with targeted traffic so I am always looking for ways to find it.
    Have your tried the webfire 3.0?? What was your results? I am looking for a way to generate traffic to my dog training website so any method or tool that can help me do this would be of interest to me

  2. Wow, this is something I need.

    Webfire looks like an essential tool that could really help me a lot. Buyer keywords and competition analysis both!

    I didn’t see a price – can you expand on cost and do they have a free trial? If it’s not too much I just might get it!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks for your comment.

      The WebFire 3.0 cost is $197/month or $997/year. It has 27 powerful tools. I wrote several reviews about these tools. Check in the menu of this site on the WebFire 3.0 tab.

  3. Alberto,

    It’s 2019 as I write. Is $997 still valid? I was on Webfire’s mainpage last night, and they’re selling it for 2997. Let me know. Thank you.

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