How to Get Free Traffic Your Website – Which strategy should you choose

There exists a lot of ways about how to get free traffic your website; however, if what you want is to sell products or services to that traffic, my suggestion is to plan a marketing strategy matching the phase said traffic is in at the moment in the purchase cycle and which keywords to use.

Purchase Cycle

  • Looking for information. – If your traffic is in this phase of the purchase cycle, it is very hard that he’ll buy something in your site because the client’s only looking for information about the product or service.


Strategy: Deliver quality information to your visitor and get their e-mail address to be able to send them more information to move them to the next purchase cycle and prepare the client to take a decision.


  • Deciding on a brand or service – this kind of traffic is unsure for which brand of product or service to buy.

Strategy: You’ll have to Help your visitor to take a decision generally by a revision of the product or service; or well, a comparison of other products or services and give them your purchase suggestions.

  • Looking for a specific brand or service – this kind of visitor is the best of them all because they’re ready to buy. They’ve informed already, they’ve even taken the purchase decision and are only looking for the brand or service on your site which you’ll have to give them.

Strategy: Detailed description of the product or service, special offers, and discounts and make Easy the payment process through different online instruments (Credit and debit cards, PayPal, etc.)



Depending on the keywords you use will be the kind of traffic that will arrive at your site; for example:

  1. Keyword “Running Shoes” is a keyword that will bring visitors looking for information about running shoes; in other words, they’re in the first phase of the Purchase Cycle. They’re only informing themselves about the kinds of running shoes that there exist.
  2. Keyword “Tennis shoes Adidas” the visitors that are in the second phase of the purchase cycle because they have the preconceived idea of buying tennis shoes” Adidas” Brand; nevertheless, you can give this visitor a revision of different Adidas models like:

Adidas Women’s Supernova Glide Boost 7 W Running Shoe


adidas Performance Men’s Energy Boost 3 M Running Shoe

  1. Keyword “Adidas Women’s Supernova Glide Boost 7 W Running Shoe” this keyword is for the visitors that are already informed and decided which kind of tennis to buy. Here you’ll have to give them the details of the Tennis and give them ease to buy them.


Knowing which kind of keywords you want to use, now you can plan to bring traffic to your site through:


Google. – Using SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media – Like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. Sharing valuable information of your blog through this media.

Specialized Forums. For example, search for a specialized forum for runners and share with them information on your blog.

Making comments in specialized blogs. – Reading the blog’s posts and making some useful comment for the visitors of that blog sharing the link to your blog.



I hope this information is useful for your next marketing campaign.

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