How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website – Using Two Powerful Tools

The rule in generating income for your online business is a constant flow of website traffic. Everybody understands it. If no one visits your site or you have a few guests, it hardly bares a chance of making a decent income.

how_to_get_free_traffic_to_your_websiteIt needs money to sustain an income generating website, but, it doesn’t require lots of cash to generate website traffic for your site with Webfire 3.0. You don’t have to be tormented from information overload listening to all the latest tactics on how to get free traffic to your website from your competitors and other sources without understanding any of it.

Webfire 3.0  is an innovative software designed to help you siphon traffic from your competitors and other sources on the web to your product website or affiliate offer within minutes. With highly targeted traffic comes potential clients which mean sales which in turn means profits.

The advantage using this software has is that 95% of the process is automated to make things easy for you especially if you don’t know how to get free traffic to your website. Besides its mixed with 27 other useful tools of which we’ll highlight two that are specifically meant to help you have a steady flow free traffic to your affiliate offer or website later on.

Step 1

The first trick to directing free traffic to your site is finding competitors keywords, keywords that are frequently searched fro by clients or those that are in high demand in your niche. For instance, if you own a product website, or you are an affiliate for a beauty products company that is facing stiff competition from a few other companies, then you need to find competitor keywords the names of the beauty companies, their reviews to mention just a few.

Step 2

Search for all the keywords that you collect to get all the websites that rank on the leading page of the main search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that you can comment, post on or reply. Simply ignore the sites that you can’t leave a post or comment. Go through all the sites that you will come across to find out those that are interactive. They mostly include blogs, forums, Q and A sites among others.

Step 3

Comment, reply or leave a post in which you promote your products and the reasons why potential clients should check them out. Besides, include a link to other promotional material you prepared earlier like a YouTube video, blog post among other or a link directly to the product.

These backlinks will guarantee you tons of targeted traffic for months or years to come within minutes if done in an appropriate way from the first day. You will be able to generate more income as well find the sites, forums and blogs that rank on the first page for the keywords you collected and period that people mention your competitors while talking about their products.

The only disadvantage of using the steps mentioned above for generating free targeted traffic is that doing it manually demands a lot of time and can prove to be a daunting task especially for those who don’t know where to start. Why try to generate free traffic manually while Webfire 3.0 combine 27 valuable tools of which two are specifically designed to do all the dirty work for you and make the whole process a stroll in the park?

1. Ranked Lead Finder

With this tool, you will be able to find competitor keywords and sites that you can post on that rank on the first page of leading favorite search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo by just typing in a keyword or one of your major competitor. Ranked Lead Finder goes through thousands of sites within a few minutes and saves you lots of time.


Find Competitor Keywords

2. Real Time Lead Finder

After finding competitor keywords, this fantastic tool will help you discover the blogs or forums that are currently talking about it or have been talking about it for a while now. Besides, it gives you the chance to comment or post on them instantly. Finding all the places that discuss your competitors online in real time is essential if you are looking to generate tons of free traffic to your site.

Finding Competitors Keywords


Webfire 3.0 is the only software that guarantees you unlimited targeted traffic anytime because it integrates 27 helpful tools like the two discussed earlier. Use Webfire today and begin siphoning traffic from your competitors and other online sources on the right foot!

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  1. Hi Alberto. Webfire looks like a good software that i can use. I really like its ability of finding any relevant posts about our targeted keywords. By leaving links to our content that is relevant to the topic being discussed, it does not seem like a spam at all! It’s really a very creative way of pushing our content out there on the internet. And those back links will be high quality links. Thank you very much for this excellent technique Alberto.

    I would like to know if Webfire is a free or paid software? If it is paid, how much is the license gonna cost? Thanks again Alberto.

    1. Hi Issac, thanks for the comment.

      Webfire 3.0 is a paid software that include 27 powerful tools. Its cost is 197/month or $997/year. I wrote several reviews about their tools. You can read about them here

  2. When leaving comments with your links, or leaving a post you mean to leave them in other people websites and to have them as backlinks? Maybe they can give you more traffic but if so, it’s a not nice business model and also I read a lot that Google doesn’t like backlinks so that might drop down your rankings even more. Or maybe I understood that wrong?

    1. Hi Jolita,

      Buying backlinks it is a bad practice and google does’t like, but putting links in valuable blogs is a natural practice for any marketer. Webfire can find these valuable blogs.

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