How To Get Clients Now – Discover this new tool

The answer to the question “How To Get Clients Now?” is another powerful tool included in WebFire 3.0 Software of the 27 that structure. This tool is called “Tweet Lead Finder.”

In Twitter daily, billions of conversation take place where people are talking about their problems and needs. This tool seeks those conversions and is precisely why we aid in helping them resolving their problems or needs with a solution that would give the products or services we sell.

The way it works this tool is doing a replay in the conversation where the people says about their problem  or need.

Although this tool is very powerful; it is necessary to know how to use it, so I’ll give a couple of examples later comparing the wrong way to do it (spammy) with correct.

Now, I will make a description of the characteristics that make up the Tweet Lead Finder tool.


Choosing on the menu “Keywords and Settings” on Tweet Lead Finder


Keywords and Settings

In this menu button it consists of two parts; the name of the category and up to ten keywords or phrases, on the other hand, the settings that comprise the following:

Search by Location

Here you can set a location you place; for example, Miami, Fl.

Latitude and Longitude

With these coordinates, you can select any location on earth. Do not worry about the coordinates, provides a help button to get them.

Within this distance

You can select in miles or kilometers that so far from the coordinates to look round talks.

With Filter out tweets links

With this option will prevent the system conversations we report containing links. It is offering its services vendors so we will want to remove them.


Checking this box you eliminate the competence


In the above image as an example Looking conversations in the category of chiropractors, people comment about back hurts, back pain, back problems and hurt my back.

The result shows below:


Here is the result. A ton of conversations about back pain, back hurts, etc.


As you can see; talks appear people who comment “my back hurts so bad” or “I wouldn’t wish back pain on my worst enemy. Oh, my (: ” They are conversations in real time that are happening at the time. You see the great opportunity that is presented to help these people with their products or services?

As I commented at the beginning, one of the big mistakes we see are people replying to leads in a spammy way That won’t get them the results That They Want.

Here some examples:


Bad Response using Online Lead Finder


Good Response using Tweet Lead Finder


Another example:


Bad Response example 2


Good Response example 2


To use this tool and other included in WebFire 3.0 to increase our sales puts us on another level in online marketing with the help of technology today.

How could you observe this is a powerful tool to get customers at this time. Which will bring us much more sales in a very fun and efficient manner

Tip: Do think you might use this tool to sell the “customer service location”? Just assign it a price to your service and you have an additional business:)

If you have any questions or comments; just type in the bottom and I will answer immediately.

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