How To Create Website Content – Using SEO 2017

 How To Create Website Content - Using SEO 2017

E-commerce is among the most competitive fields particularly now that advances in technology have made your closest competitors be only a click away. This, therefore, means that if consumers dislike your blog and its information, all they do is they just shift to an alternative e-commerce site where then they can buy their products.

So are you looking for how to create website content for your blog and set your e-commerce business on a new path to success? Well, here is how to create your blog information that attracts more customers making you more money and your success envied by your bitter rivals. Keep reading.

Create List Of Keywords

Keywords play an essential role in assisting search engines to categorize your content and help seekers find your blog. To compose a keyword list, you should list all the keywords you use to explore for your website on search engines. In simple terms, these words should be in your blog content. There are many methods to develop your keyword list, however, most webmasters prefer using a keyword tool.

It allows you to discover keywords with small competition to use in your blog so that users can find your page in the top ten search engine results like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Furthermore, some keyword research tools can help you discover the keywords that your competitors are using and how they are using them to move up the ranks in Google.

Create Relevant Content 

SEO experts refer to relevant content as information rich in the text with carefully explored and chosen keywords that rank your page high in Google or other platforms. You can also refer to the relevant text as content that web users find informative, engaging, helpful as well as entertaining. A blog that uses relevant information is highly ranked on search engines because they heighten user experience.

Whether you are an SEO specialist or a web marketer you have first to know your clients and then use the knowledge that you gather to create text that is relevant to them. To create relevant information use your marketing campaign data to determine which campaigns should be abandoned for newer models. Secondly, cut fluff so that you be considerate of your customers time.

However, this does not mean that create fewer data. It means that you should compose your information in such a ways that your visitors can narrow down on what is important to them and take the next positive step towards conversion whether it’s completing a form, making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletters and much more.

Lastly, to create custom data for all the categories your visitors like browsing with little effort on your part you can consider using a content optimization service. If you trying to find relevant data on your own may seem overwhelming if not impossible.

Solve Their Problems

If your clients have problems, then your biggest challenge as a professional marketer is to solve your customer’s problems or answer their questions while maximizing the effectiveness of your information. While creating content, you should aim at adding value to your consumer’s lives. The best way to add great value to their life is helping them find solutions to their challenges or problems.

To completely solve your clients’ problems you must know who they are, what they do, what frustrates them, their expectations, how you can compose a message that appeals, what they think of your competitors to mention just a few. If you are looking to taste success with content marketing, you always have to remember that content creation is all about finding out people’s problems and solving them to appreciate who they are as your clients.

Contact your clients asking them through surveys, what they need or what problems they have and learn to be a successful marketer writing an article that helps people.

Start an online newsletter writing articles that provide value helping your prospect or clients sending emails without the proposed to sell, only to help. Your prospect or clients will be subscribed to your email list and you should answer all their questions and comments.

Share Your Articles On Social Media Sites 

Sharing your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites, you will attract a lot of targeted traffic to your blog or website and you can get more email addresses from your subscribers to your a big email list.

Help The Search Engines

SEO content aims at attracting traffic from search engines. To create such content you need to concentrate much on keywords research which helps you focus on particular keywords that people are already searching for in your niche, keyword optimization which involves the use of keywords in web content to increase searchability and content organization. Furthermore, content promotion to enhances the visibility of new content you come up with via sharing it.

Visual Content And Design Easy

Text alone is hollow, does not attract much interest and most readers overlook it. Today well designed visual information is among the best ways to bring attention to your marketing efforts. So, what type of visual information should you include on your website?


People will be more inclined to read your content if you split it with some high-quality pictures.


Videos are useful especially for solving your user’s problems or showing the benefits your products have to offer.


Infographics are ideal for drawing upon all your complex data and stats and collating them into a compelling readily intelligible visual display.


Memes are images with humorous captions. They elicit positive emotions and with this strategy, you will be different from your closest rivals building quickly an attractive website.


Visual Content



You can create informative presentations and share them on many platforms for instance Slideshare or on multiple social media sites. This will sure to share the right information in case that your product or service has technical aspects.


A screenshot is enough to give your audience the right idea of the workings of your service or products. The backup claims in your sales content.

Easy Navigation

One of the most vital issues to consider while developing web information is the navigation system. Visitors want a navigation system that is user-friendly and allows them to explore and find whatever information they need on your blog. A sophisticated navigation system keeps clients away. If you want your customers to benefit from your web content, stick to a standard navigation system.

Good Headlines

Writing great content is one thing, getting it read and ranked on search engines is another. Without any doubts, write good headlines sell content. What makes a heading in a post interesting? Well, first and foremost, a headline must tell a story that gives readers an insight to the rest of the post. Secondly, a headline should be catchy to grab readers attention, and lastly, the tone of the headline needs to match the body of the article.

Write controversial headlines to attract more visitors to your blog or site and let your visitors leave comments. This comments will give you more knowledge about your audience and you can help at the same time your audience more.

Write Only Original Content

Original ContentIs crucial that you write original content in your blog. Google penalize all information copied. There is a lot of garbage on the Internet because novice marketers copy and paste information from other sites


No matter how grand your web design is if your content lacks the quality that readers are looking for then your site is as useful as an empty shell. By keenly following the information shared in this post you will be in a better position on Google and to perfect the art of relevant text creation so that you reach out to your target audience in a unique way, unlike your rivals. Once you do so, you will bump into many other opportunities and expand to extends you perhaps never imagined before. That’s the power of creating captivating information!

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