How Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

How is the best way to make money online?  The answer is producing quality content that helps my web visitors to find what they need, whether that’s information or a product or service they’re are looking for.

Now, let me summarizes the process you need to do for any business you want to start online.

Select a niche of your interest

The first thing you need to do to start your online business is to choose a niche of your interest; if you decide something to love, you will probably have much success.

You can check on Amazon or eBay the different categories that exist and select the one you are more passionate about. For example, if We check in Amazon:


And we love everything related to dogs; then we pick “dogs”:


And you can create content that speaks to each type of accessories or supplies for dogs. In This example, choose “Food”


And then you can show several brands in order to your visitor decide what kind of food prefer


Building a website

To expose your content, your photos or your videos and to sell the different items that you offer you need a create a site and subscribe to an affiliate program; for example, Amazon or e-Bay (hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs to promote almost any product or service).

I recommend you to subscribe for free to Wealthy Affiliate where you are provided with two sites for free and a course of 10 lessons on how to start carrying this process which I am commenting very briefly. Of course, there is the Premium where you initially pay $ 19 / month and then $ 47 / month for more advanced courses.

Once you have your site on the WordPress platform (for all of this you can get information at Wealthy Affiliate) you need to create five pages.

One of them will talk about your person, in another one, you will place the privacy policy (you can copy a Google format) and in the other three, you will talk about three different themes.

In the example of the site for Pet Supplies one page could be for “Food, another one for “Apparel & Accessories” and lastly ” Beds & Furniture “.

As you can see, in this way you begin to sort your content into categories.

Then you start to develop each category or topic through “posts” which is information on the subject; for example, if you develop the “Food” theme or category you can talk in every post about food from the images below:

If you select for example “Food Active” you can provide your visitor in your post different brand alternatives:


If your visitor buys any of these products through your site, you will receive a commission from Amazon for that sale; which will be at least of 4%. That way is how income is generated on your site.

And so for each item or category you’re going to be developing it through your “posts” on your site.

But to make these sales, you need to have interested visitors arriving on your website, so you need to generate qualified traffic (which has an interest in your topics s) from different sources.

Since the sources to generate traffic are many, this article will discuss one of the most important, which is to receive traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo since those three search engines generate 95% of traffic.


Receiving Traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo

For visitors arriving from these search engines, your site should appear on the first page of any of them as it is very unlikely that anyone will be visiting your site if you are on the second page or beyond it. Your site becomes invisible to visitors.

And to appear on the first page, you must use optimization techniques for search engines called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These techniques are simple but are mainly based on the content you write being valuable to your visitors; i.e. you must provide them value.

It is important to mention that you will not try to sell anything to your visitors but help them get the product or information they need. This approach is crucial and is many people easily neglect it, causing businesses to fail.

These SEO techniques are so vast, and must learn to handle them accurately when using them. Again I recommend subscribing to Wealthy Affiliate where you will get to use them. Remember that subscribing is free and if you like and are convinced then, you can take the other courses that are already paid.

After getting visitors on your site, you can generate money consistently and can become a very attractive deal. It all depends on how much you want to earn.

If you have any questions or comments, please write it on the bottom and we will gladly answer them immediately.


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  1. Hey Alberto, I had a rough time trying to earn money online and I tried everything from surveys to gigs and it all failed! I have been using Wealthy Affiliate and it does work and I’m seeing success with it! I liked our post and I hope someone who is reading your post, will join Wealthy Affiliate and not have the same problems I once had!

  2. So i’ve been curious about making money online, but i know there are tons of scams out there. I haven’t really found a method yet that has worked for me to make money. Is the quality of content in the courses in wealthy affiliate legit stuff? I just get skeptical about these things.

    1. Yes is totally legit stuff. I have been scammed a lot too, but this time after 18 years I found “Wealthy Affiliate” program. Make money online is not fast but you have to work hard in the right direction. Avoid those offers that promise you make money right away, this not exist

  3. I like that Wealthy Affiliate has a free trial and enjoyed it so much that I ended up purchasing the yearly membership. I was wondering for those starting out, is it harder for the free websites to get ranked under SEO in comparison to a domain you own? How would you compensate for that if it is a problem? I am asking because I upgraded and never looked back

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      For your safe it’s very important to have your own domain. You will invest a lot of time and money in your site, so, What happen if wealthy affiliate disapears?

  4. Alberto, what great article – mixing in the pet business with a commentary on Wealthy Affiliates is very compelling. The bird on the front is a stunning visual when you open the site. Your explanation of niche marketing was spot on. If I were a newbie blogger or even an aspiring online entrepreneur, I would find this very useful. Well done.

  5. I,am from African kenya in particular and i want to start a blog about kenya as a tourist destination of choice in africa and the world.Can such a blog make money?

    1. Hi Peter, Thanks for your comment.

      Of course, you can make money with this kind of blog. You can promote tours, travels, restaurants, etc. on your blog; but you can build your blog first with quality information.

      Learn how to build an authority blog into the community of Wealthy Affiliate. Build your free blog using this tool

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