How Can You Find Buyers For Your Product or Service Using Real Time Lead Finder


I will do a review on one of the 27 tools containing the WebFire 3.0 software. This tool is called “Real Time Lead Finder. I’m thinking of doing a review by each containing software tools.

“Real Time Lead Finder” is a fantastic tool to find potential customers related to your keyword which place in the search box of this device, and the result is a lot of URL ‘s forums or blogs where people are commenting about your keyword or phrase. You can leave these comments, reviews or links point to your site, etc. with the consequent flow of traffic directly to your blog or website.

This powerful tool can also find buyers for their products and thereby increase sales services. The latter will discuss in more detail below.


Search box

In this case, You place your keyword or phrase either general or exactly .. With this feature, you can “play” with the keyword or phrase by removing and putting words so that you get the results you are looking for a particular goal.

Search Type

You can choose between two options; “Forums” or “Blogs”. In this way, the results will only display the URLs of the forums or blogs. In these addresses, people who are talking about your keyword or phrase appears.

Age Date

The menu contains three options: a day old or less, one week old or less and one month old or less. As you can see, you can choose the most recent or not so much according to their interests; and immediately go to those sites to leave a comment, do a review or post the direct link to your site producing with this traffic and sales on your blog or website.

Custom date

You can choose to place an age range to be more accurate in your search. This information gives you great power against the competition, winning the race in sales for those prospects.

Excluded Domains

This feature allows you to exclude domains where no links are allowed or for some reason do not want to publish there.

Save searches

You can save your searches for later use.

Two examples:

1) If it gets in the search box ===> “looking to buy”


Using hot lead finder. Putting in the box “looking to buy”


Results from lead finder in real time


In the picture, you can see the number of people who want to buy different products or services. These results provide a source of ideas for new goods and services to sell, or to create a new site on another market niche.

2) The images you are looking for buyers who are looking for “gun safes”. See the following images


Using the online lead finder putting “gun safes” in the search box


See the results. Finding real time leads interested in gun safes


See in the picture how many people want to buy a gun. See also scores. Many people want to buy at that time a gun. See the power of this tool?

This tool is only one of 27 tools within the WebFire 3.0 Software. As I mentioned above, I will write another review of the tools of this powerful software.


Real Time Lead Finder helps improve positions in search engines increasing traffic resulting in higher sales. Because searches are in real time; You can easily find buyers for their products or services in a secure and timely manner.

If you have any questions or comments about this tool, type below and will answer immediately.

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  1. Hi Al, this was pretty interesting. While I haven’t yet gotten to the funnel development side of things, I would definitely like to know more. It is certainly great to know that there can be some automation in the backend for driving leads once one can locate them. This has piqued my interest, thanks a lot!

  2. This is a shortcut way to find and target your audience. I am very interested to play with this tool.
    Can you tell me ; is it a fee or paid tool. or how much does it cost?
    The screen shots are very difficult to read so I am disappointed that I can’t really follow your explanation.
    Can you make the screen shots full size?

  3. Wow, this is awesome to know!

    I was reading on another website that you have to be weary on where you promote your site because doing so on a low quality site can negatively impact it. I’m not sure what the legitimacy of that is.

    Do you know if this is true? And if so does this software have a way of letting you know which sites are good and which ones are not so great?

    1. Honestly, as long as you arent promoting your site on adult sites or russian hack sites then you are fine.

      WebFire 3.0 does not tell you which site is good or bad; but if it helps you select sites google rank of 2, 3, 8, etc. These are authority sites.

  4. Hi Al,

    I’ve not heard of this tool before and it’s interesting that there’s a software that can help you pull potential customers from blogs and forums.

    So I tried to search for the product online. On its official website (which I believe is called Webfire dot com), it claims to help you get free traffic fast. Is that what the software does? As far as I understand, free traffic is not something that you should manipulate, but earn organically. What’s your take on this?

    1. The interesting thing about this software is that you locate sites where you are allowed to comment and post your link and you are talking about your product or service saving you time and effort.

      Of course that it will generate fast traffic but like everything, it is necessary to work at it, placing comments on the sites listed.

      WebFire provides you with 27 tools that will facilitate the manual work you do today.

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