Getting Quality Web Backlinks Using Q and A Sites

Putting up an online business, of course, requires a lot of things, to get straight to the point, you need cash. To make money, you must spend money as well. But of course, with the versatility offered by cutting edge software like Webfire, there are lots of ways you can optimize the potential of your business in generating traffic. Getting web backlinks using Q and A sites is one of them.
web_baclinksWhile there are several ways to jumpstart your traffic flows, it is essential to understand the benefits of building web backlinks to your site. However, before proceeding further, it’s important that you know what they are and their quality to make sure that they help you achieve your goal, which is to direct more traffic and guests to your blog or website.

A web backlink is a link that originates outside your site but points directly to your site. An effective way to build quality backlinks is to respond to questions posted in Q and A sites and putting the URL of your site. Most people overlook this method of increasing web traffic to their sites not knowing that they are significantly contributing to the failure of their businesses.

This method is proven to help create links to the websites that you desire. It is effective since it connects you to clients who belong to the same niche. It also offers you the chance to participate in conversations that you are interested in because they can focus on their target audience. All you have to do is to concentrate on active participation to expose your site to as many clients as possible.

Building backlinks can work wonders for a website or blog. It improves your sites ranking on popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. For instance, I learned how powerful this technique was when I heard of a classic car business in London that received most of its sales for years, almost three-quarters of its sales, from just one backlink? Yes, you heard me right! According to them, it was by accident.

Potential buyers keep asking questions all the time about rare models online. Their questions can range from ” How to find a high-end classic car?” to “Where to buy classic cars at pocket-friendly prices?” to “What to look for in a classic car?” There are several big sites online dedicated to answering such questions like Yahoo Answers, Quora to mention a few. Yahoo Answers is famous for receiving tons of traffic and ranking high in Yahoo, Google, and Bing for the keywords in their questions.

By responding to questions in Q and A sites you expose yourself to millions of potential clients on the site and in search engine rankings apart from the one that was asking the question. Those intending to buy classic cars within London will find a query that was ranked by a happy buyer. For instance, I came across one on Yahoo Answers that the owner had mentioned his location and placed a link to his site.


Answer Finder


I decided to give him a visit the next day, and the first question he asked me is how I found out about his business. I told him I came across a link to his site on a question posted on Yahoo Answers. He found it funny because three-quarters of his clients figured out about his business the same way. In simple terms, he was saying that a majority of his sales originate from just a single post that took approximately a minute to do.

It is clearly evident that Q and A sites are powerful because they expose you to clients that are asking questions about the products they are interested in buying. Their only drawback is that you only have a few days to respond to the question. You can decide to search for the questions for days or months by hand but with Webefire’s Q and A tool known as Answer Finder the process of finding all the issues you can reply in under a minute.


Finding Answers and Questions


That aside, this tool, which is among 27 others blended into Webfire, searches for new questions you can answer automatically daily and alerts you to respond to them on time. As discussed earlier, just responding to one or two issues weekly can generate lots of traffic, leads and rankings to your site very quickly. So what are you waiting for your success? Start using Webfire’s Answer Finder Tool to answer questions on Q and A sites today for a better tomorrow.


questions_and_ answers_sites
Questions And Answers Sites


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  1. Bookmarked this post as I will need to know everything about what you wrote and about this webfire. I was thinking in doing this just now and found your post in my way. I will check this webfire.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Thanks for this idea that I was thinking about it. I checked Google answers and found it not so good. So I will try webfire and see where I will go and how far I can reach using it and posting my answers and even get ideas for new posts on my website.
    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Alberto
    Thanks for this information, it looks very interesting. I am curious to know how they charge for this software, is it based on a monthly subscription or a one off cost. I tried looking on there website but I couldn’t find any further info. Also have you found that the Q ans A sites that it presents are all open to putting backlinks in the answers as I know some sites that will moderate these out as spamming,
    Thanks again

    1. Dominic, Thanks for your comment.

      Helping people through answering questions never will be a spam , and you can leave your link with confidence. You can find more techniques on the menu of this site in the Webfire 3.0 tab.

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