CB Passive Income Review


CB Passive Income Review

Looking for some extra revenue online, but don’t know where to start? Well, millions of internet users are striving to make extra money online, and it can be frustrating trying one failed program after the other. Online opportunities free such users from financial problems by removing those biting money concerns that keep them awake at night. This honest CB Passive Income review sheds more light on CB Passive Income program that is proven to be a huge success. Keep reading.

CB Passive IncomeCB Passive Income Review is a game-changing business system that allows users to make extra recurrent income by promoting their unique link. The program is simple to follow as users only have to follow three simple steps to give away valuable marketing products and start making real money. CB Passive Income is ideal for both newbie and professional marketers because of its user-friendliness. The first step members have to take is to generate a unique link.

Next, the link will direct them to a secret web page that contains the software that allows them to create breathtaking sites for promoting products efficiently and the course, that includes YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing among others free. Creating the web page is simple. Users just need to key in their details and create it with the touch of a button. They don’t have to bother about blowing a lot of cash hiring a web designer, researchers, writers, technical guys or a back-end software anymore.

When CB Passive Income users get subscribers, the back end system records their emails in a database for future use. Each time the system send customers an email, it contains the member’s affiliate link to the products on promotion so that they can make between 50-70% commission. The commission is not constant.
Once users are fully set-up, they will be able to access valuable training material that will teach them how to generate tons of traffic from various effective methods including paid ads and social media. CB Passive Income is unlike most systems because it is auto-pilot and all the dirty work is by the author.

CB Passive Income users get handsome rewards each time their subscribers make purchases for life as long as they remain subscribers. Furthermore, after investing in the product, they don’t need to worry about investing in a domain name, auto-responder or hosting because they are optional.

What Members Get With CB Passive Income

1. A Clone Secret Web Page

CB Passive Income version 3.0 members get multiple secret web pages and all they have to do is to promote the links. Chan and his team will take care of all sites including the hosting fees. Besides, they will frequently be updating the sites so that they performs at the highest level and give members high conversions. The back end system provides users with vital information like the number of visitors to their sites, subscribers and many others.

2. Priceless Gift To Give Out

Members get a free precious gift to lure more subscribers. It is included with their clone secret web page and keeps changing.

3. Constant Income

Members get a continual revenue stream. They don’t have to bother about problems like creating content, researching on good products, promoting offers and much more.

4. A Lifetime Of Commission

Unlike with affiliate marketing where members are only paid once for selling, CB Passive Income gives users the opportunity to earn a lifetime of commission each time their subscribers buy products on promotion without their knowledge.

5. Reliable Internet Business

CB Passive Income is proven to be reliable and continues to rake in thousands of rave reviews since its creation back in 2013. It is unlike most business systems that promise users what they can’t deliver. Furthermore, members don’t require lots of cash to invest in the program unlike when starting a new venture.

6. Promotion Training Courses

Members get high-quality training that is available in the form of eBooks and videos on how to get the most out of their business. The training is easy to follow, and some of the topics they cover include Facebook marketing, video marketing among others.


– The Digital Cover Creator Software

This superior software allows members to create amazing 3D book e-covers whether they have designing skills or not in the blink of an eye. And that is not all. It helps users choose the best fonts, background vector images as well as label graphics to make your cover unique.

– The Traffic From Google Home Course

This course delves into how members can generate massive traffic from SEO. Furthermore, it teaches members more about keyword research, how to optimize their sites for mobile search, internal ranking factors, search engine updates, off page SEO factors, social media marketing, negative ranking factors to mention just a few.

– The Email Assassin Home Course

The fundamental concept behind CB Passive Income is making money using email marketing strategies. This course reveals to you advanced email marketing tactics, strategies and techniques that will make you an email marketing guru overnight.

New Exclusive Bonuses

– The CB Passive Income Accelerator Training

This training is meant to help newbies get started lightning fast. It is a two-hour step by step training that will get them started at an accelerated speed.

– The CB Passive Income Version 4.0

Version 4.0 is launching sometime in 2016, and those who are already members will get a free upgrade immediately after its inception.

– Six Months Of Insider Training And Tools Membership

With the monthly membership members will access premier internet marketing training and cutting edge tools to help them establish their business. The training could be about how to get more traffic or even software to complete the task. Besides, they’ll receive a mystery product via email. If users like the training, they start paying for it from the seventh month.

About Author

CB Passive Income is the brainchild of Patric Chan who is also the author of many other books like the WakeUp Millionaire, Clicking Cash, Cracking The Millionaire Code, Cash In A Flash among others. Besides, he is a top notch software developer and an internet marketing authority. He came up with CB Passive Income after passing through the difficulties that all affiliate marketers encounter before making huge commissions.

All the marketing strategies in CB Passive Income have undergone thorough testing and work as efficiently as Chan claims. He believes that anyone, including newbies, can use CB Passive Income to earn real money if they put in the necessary effort.

Pros in This Cb Passive Income Review

– A simple system that is a walk in the park to set up

– One time payment

– Step by step training on how to make huge commissions with the systemSteps For CB Passive Income

– Free hosting

– Free website clone

– A full sixty-day money back guarantee

– Free auto-reply to emails

– Creation and sending of free email newsletters

– Members don’t have to set up everything from scratch like when starting a new business

– Users just need to focus on generating traffic to their web page instead of creating content, keyword research, researching on products that are in high demand to mention a few.

– Members can earn between 50-70% in commissions

– Free update and support from Patric and his friendly customer support team

Cons in This CB Passive Income Review

– Users don’t have the chance to promote their products using the CB Passive Income system.


With CB Passive Income becoming a Clickbank super affiliate and earning real money is simple. CB Passive Income is accomplishing where others are not and is becoming one of the most sought after business systems. The key reason is that members get risk-free products that allow them to achieve regular, life-transforming earnings plus they system is fully automated. Sign up for CB Passive Income program and watch your passive earnings rise quickly without effort.


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