CB Passive Income Review

CB Passive Income Review (updated)

CB Passive Income(5.0) is a type of affiliate marketing system developed by Patric Chan(Successful internet marketer and best selling author). When he created this program, he intended to assist beginners to earn money with the Clickbank as affiliate marketers. This program is a greater gravity Clickbank product.

Most starters usually believe that building an online business and internet is very sophisticated because certain individuals support these views to sell and promote their products.

Note that, your earnings and success with this affiliate marketing system rely on Patric Chan’s performance. Since he is a successful internet marketer and the best selling author, you should expect better results from him.

What to get with CB Passive Income 5.0

Once you associate yourself with this program, expect to receive the following components.

1. Your own clone(secret web page)

Patric Chan will create for you your own clone secrete web page. Here you will only be required to promote the extraordinary link that is developed for and not to do anything else. Interestingly, all the technical parts will be performed on your behalf(including the hosting fees). You only need to focus on promoting the unique link that was created for you. In addition, your site will always be updated for you. This is to ensure that you receive the highest conversion and performance.

Not to mention, there is a whole back-end software system to ensure that you are able to track your leads and commissions. Further, you will be in a position of viewing the number of visitors who come to your website. You will also be able to see the number of subscribers that are at your disposal.

2. Valuable products to offer.

Free products are always provided by Patric Chan to attract new leads. The free gifts products are integrated with your own secrete clone web page. It is automated and you can easily give it away.

3. Income generation from the system

As earlier mentioned, Patric Chan produces content, research the favorite products, craft marketing campaigns and promote the offers for you via the system. Besides, he will identify new memberships goods and services that he can easily promote for you. This will allow you to earn monthly commissions from the goods and services sold on your behalf.

In this program, the software inserts your affiliate Identity inside the products that are recommended through the funnel dashboard, this will, in turn, assist you in making more when it comes to passive income.

4. Lifetime commission

When you get individuals to subscribe to your own secret web page for free, be assured that you definitely earn lifetime commission for every product they purchase from the promotion.

5. Solid internet business

You need to be keen on following both the training and the clone system. This way, you will be able to make more money and establish a tangible internet business.

6. Access to promotion training courses

Patric Chan offers video manuals and training on how to promote your solid internet business. This will enable you to accomplish your goals with your online business.

How CB Passive Income 5.0 works

The reason as to why you are not able to control each part of your online business is simply because this program is responsible for a number of things.

  • It creates a landing page where you send traffic to
  • The landing pages contain professional design. They provide your visitor’s free gifts.
  • The autoresponder of this program usually sends emails to your visitors once they provide their email address to your site when they want to get a free gift.
  • There is a commission you earn when your subscriber(s) purchase something

If you intend to begin an internet business from scratch, you have to be responsible for all the steps. Nonetheless, if you send traffic to go to the landing pages of this program, be assured that you will take responsibility only for the first part.

The good thing is that you can master and focus your traffic game. Always find means to send your targeted traffic. Traffic guides are always on members’ area.

Note that, you will not be able to make good/enough sales when the traffic is also not good enough. You have to do a better job on this part. You have to outsource the least possible task that you can handle despite it requiring some cash for an outsource promotion. Always be patient with the system, it is on you to give it an attempt. It will work.

Breakdown of what is included in Training

When you enter the members’ area, you will get an introduction to this program, how it operates and you can then get started with the modules of training.

You will find two guidelines:

1. The users of this program will set their profile. Here, you will have to fill in your own Clickbank ID to create your Clickbank account.

2. Thereafter, you will obtain your links and begin sending traffic to landing pages.

CB Passive Income 5.0 has trained for three different means to get traffic:

Solo Advertising

Here, you will require to get internet marketers who will enable you to send traffic on their lists. Its cost is affordable and it is appropriate for internet marketing niche. You will be able to obtain a thirty-five page PDF ebook on solo ads. It comprises of great training of this program.

Bing Ads

Here you will get a link to the training on how to use Bing Ads in association with CB Passive income.

Free Youtube traffic training

Here, you will get videos, strategy, and screenshots to enter the internet marketing niche with the aid of Youtube videos.

Ideal candidate(s) for CB Passive Income 5.0

This program was created for beginners who purpose to generate income online but unfortunately, they lack clear guideline.

Cost of CB Passive Income 5.0

Its starting price cost is $47 each month or you can access it at $497 on a one time fee.

However, there exist features with extra cost(upsells). These are:

  • Inbox Pro Version-It allows you to connect your program account with the autoresponder
  • Internet to Income insider-It allows you to obtain emails from autoresponder on opportunities in internet marketing.
  • Mass bot profits-It is an automated chatbox that is used to promote products that are on facebook messenger.


  • Legit program: Its resources are very professional(support team and offices) and its training is also good. It is among the best types of affiliate marketing.
  • Owner: Patric Chan’s image on internet business is known globally.
  • Beginner friendly: Allows starters to earn income online.
  • Traffic methods: Enables you to get the information needed on internet marketing.


  • Upsells: They bring extra costs of this program
  • Control: The system does the work for you and maybe you may disagree with its recommendations.


This program is legit(not a scam). Its training is effective and it is affordable. I recommend you to try this type of internet business(affiliate marketing) and be able to earn income.


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