What never to do in internet marketing

If you’re doing any of these no-nos then you’re on a collision course with failure. Just sayin’. So let’s get stuck into them… 1. Hanging out on Forums Trolls. Wannabes. Fakers. It’s a big, fat waste of time. If you’re looking for free information go grab a job and save up to buy the real stuff. If you’re selling a product – stick it on your own domain to avoid…

June 13, 2019

The silent disease killing us all

They call it the disease of “busy-ness”… We lead busy lives don’t we? From the start of the day til your head hits the pillow you have 1001 things to do, get accomplished and tick off that list. Life ain’t easy but it sure is busy. My point is this; When you don’t have much time you need to find fast and easy shortcuts. So if you’ve only got 60…

June 11, 2019

Broke newbie bags $296.88 in 48 hours using this 1 weird trick

Usually I’d shy away from “click-baity” headlines like this. But usually headlines like this are a pile of steaming doo-daah. This one ain’t. It’s the real deal. I know this newbie personally and saw this happen with my own eyes. The best thing about it wasn’t the fact he learned this cool new trick, or the money he made – but the look on his face when it happened. You…

June 10, 2019

Transactions Speak Louder Than Words.

Lookie here; $2500 in 1 day $218.88 in 24 hours $431.58 in 1 day $674.95 in 48 hours $180.68 in 9 hours $4483 in four days $983.47 in less than 72 hours $171.47 in one day $218.88 in 24 hours These are the commissions of students who learned and applied a simple method which needs no money for ads, no list and no experience. Typical? No – most people do…

June 9, 2019

American Idle

They call it “lazyitis”… It’s the dream-killing phenomenon which is zombifying Americans and other people all over the world. Let’s face it… Most people would rather watch Dancing With The Stars for 60 minutes than study how to get wealthy. Most people would rather spend 60 minutes lying in bed than get an hour’s exercise to improve their health. Zzzzz… And most people would rather spend 60 minutes peeking into…

June 8, 2019