Brand Builders Academy Review

Name: Brand Builders Academy
Price: Now is Closed
Owners: Kenny,Ricky,Phil and Tanner
Who it’s for: From Newbie to Expert


A brand is among the best assets of any business, despite its size. It is, therefore, sad to witness some companies neglecting the strategic and systematic position of their brand when forming their plan of activities. As such, a significant number of businesses today fail to leverage on the power a brand can have on their business success. Read this comprehensive review to discover more about Brand Builders Academy, the latest tool for quickly building brand awareness in the market currently.

Brand Builders Academy Review

Brand Builders Academy DownloadBrand Builders Academy is a comprehensive guide that aims to show you how you can build a brand for just $ 5 in three phases especially now that branding has grown to be an important aspect of any business. That trend isn’t slowing down either in 2017 either. Indeed, branding is set to become more significant in, 2017, and that is the reason you shouldn’t be left behind.

Brand awareness will help you boost your authority in your market so that customers can depend more on your business when making buying decisions. Besides, having a strong brand makes you vital to your clients making it easy for them to turn to your company whenever they want a service or product that you offer.

Besides, it promotes consumer loyalty which is important in hastening business extension while also shortening sales cycles. With a strong brand, your company will surely lure and retain the best clients in the market. The good news is that newbies can also use this course to make insane profits in the shortest time possible and all the information it contains works. Gone are the ages when you had to part with thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to build your brand.

How It Works

This theory behind this course is unique as it aims to show you how to create brand awareness by revealing to you Facebook insider secrets that will help you create a huge social media following that will increase your chances of making massive profits in all niches. The course has three phases:

Step 1: Setup And Attraction

In this phase, you will learn how to set up your brand building campaign and start attracting the right audience on social media using, particularly Facebook.

Step 2: Start Conversing

Next, you will learn how to start reaching out to your target audience in the right manner. For instance, you’ll learn how to extract profits from your clients, mapping brand awareness, creating a cult on social media for only $ 5, engaging your followers and creating the ideal content for your brand. Plus you’ll master how to recommend products the right way, places you can share your name just to mention a few.

Phase 3: Making Money

The last step is putting lots cash into your pocket after learning a few other things like effective brand advertising of Facebook, advanced scaling among others in this phase.

What You Get With Brand Builders Academy

The creators of Brand Builders Academy show sheer generosity in offering this guide and are charging extremely low during for the first five days of release from November 11, 2016. Besides, they also provide you four other guides that offer useful data about how to create brand awareness effectively. By obtaining this program, you will get the following guides;

– Facebook insider secrets

Kenny Stevens, who got into a contract with Facebook never to disclose to anyone its insider secrets spills the beans because the deal is no more. You will never come across these secrets in another course, and that is what sets this program apart from the crowd.Brand Builders Academy Review

– Video Traffic Siphon 2.0

Video Traffic Siphon 2.0 is the brain child of Ricky Mataka and is a software that will let you take advantage of viral videos online to help you build your brand. This program is also fresh in the market and promises to help users drive lots of traffic to their websites through viral videos currently.

– Acceleration Program

In this program, Kenny trains users on how the can make the most of their brand-building awareness campaigns so that they can start making huge profits instantly.

– I am Summer Camp Recordings

These recordings are the works of Phil Kay and will give you more insights on how to build your brand without much hassle.

About Authors

– Kenny Stevens is a famous marketing expert who has had the chance to work for governors, celebrities, movie actors to mention a few. He offers help to many marketers across the world and has come up other programs that are popular among his clients as well as other top-notch marketers.

– Next on the list is Ricky Mataka, a jack of all traits. He is good at developing marketing programs among other products that continue to rake in rave reviews online for their effectiveness. He is the developer behind Video Traffic Siphon 2.0 which you get with this course.

– Phil Kay, a marketing expert, is another brain behind this course. He is the creator of I am Summer Camp recordings that also shed more light on creating brand awareness.

– Tanner Larson is an e-commerce expert that creates amazing products that you can try out too.

The four marketing professionals came together to create Brand Builders Academy that promises to transform the brand-building experience for good.


Brand Builders Academy Scam1. You only have to part with $ 5 to build brand awareness instead of wasting thousands of dollars on ads that are not effective.

2. Using the Facebook insider secrets that Kenny reveals in this course, you can avoid the hassle to build your brand using costly and tedious methods such as Facebook adverts.

3. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or professional marketer. Brand Builders Academy offers very easy to follow secrets, techniques, and tricks that you can use to get quick results in your journey to build brand awareness.

4. This program is the creation of four respected experts in the circles of marketing, which therefore makes this course more convincing.

5. All the secrets, techniques, and tricks in this program have undergone trials and tests and will help you build your brand in no time.

6. During the first five days of its launch, the product is exceedingly affordable despite offering priceless information on how to create brand awareness.

7. Brand Builders Academy comes with a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee to mean that you get a complete return if it fails to satisfy your prospects.


This course is still new in the market, and no issues have come up since its launch. I don’t see it having any matters in future.

The Bottom Line: Is Brand Builders Academy Worth your Money?

The answer is a reverberating yes. Building a brand involves a much time and effort, which is something you, just like other marketers, may find upsetting. Fortunately, you have Brand Builders Academy to guide you through the whole process with just three simple steps and ensure that you build a genuinely consistent and compelling brand in your niche. Get Brand Builders Academy on your side today if you are a business owner that likes to do things on your own and define a unique brand that will turn your business around in no time.



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  1. Hey Alberto,
    Brand builders sound cool, I’ve heard that Facebook has recently made some updates on the advertising part for businesses. Are they updated with the trend as well?

    I’ve heard so much about Facebook ads and I’ve tried it several times but never actually had good conversions with it. Really excited to give it a try, thanks for writing this review 🙂

  2. Hi Alberto

    Building a brand is definitely important.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    However, do you not think that it either takes time and effort or money to build a brand? In most instances, it’s a combination of both.

    I’d like to ask whether you think it’s practically possible to get leverage from a $5 marketing budget?


    1. Hi Peteni, Thanks for your comment. This course was launch on November 11 and the real cost is $997. The owners of Brand Builders Academy is people with a lot experience. I think is real their offer. Rembember this offer is only available only 1 day and 20 hours at this moment.

  3. Hi Alberto,

    Thnaks for this – really interesting read. I’ve recently set up an affiliate site and whilst I have set up a Facebook page, I’m not really sure how to drive traffic. It seems too good to be true that the course is only $37 – how are they justifying this? do you think it is still value for money once it goes up to $997?



    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment.

      The offer was only for 5 days. Of course the value will be the same after this offer. Get it right away. It’s only 6 hours left from now. Click Here

  4. Building a brand and the image of your brand is the most important thing. Thank you for sharing this review it looks like something that would help a lot of people whether they are starting out or have been in the business for a while trying to raise awareness for their brand. Is it too late to join in the course after the Nov. 11 date?

  5. Brand Builders Academy seems like a profitable program to monetize your brand. Thanks for sharing your review. I believe your image and brand is fundamentally important for any business out there.

    But to be honest, $997 seems pricey. Is that a monthly or yearly fee and is there any other packages that’s budget friendly?

  6. This is a very informative article, many small business owners may not know how to go about building their brand and creating brand awareness. Brand Builders Academy seems like a great program, I like the fact that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. But how much does it cost?

  7. Hi Alberto,

    I’ve heard about scams like this before that claim to give you a wealth of information for a low price, with all these perks such as a 60-day money back guarantee, and then they leave you in the lurch and out some money (albeit only $5 as they claim). Have you personally or know anyone that has tried this program yet? Can you offer some insight into how they can offer this type of deal for so cheap with no hidden costs?

    1. Hi Jesse, thanks for your comment.

      The front product cost $47 but there are another back ends like Brand Builders Academy Success Gold,Brand Builders Academy Success Platinum and Brand Builders Academy Acceleration.

      This product was launched 5 days ago and now is closed.You can type your email to join the waiting list.

      I didn’t try the program yet but I know the owners and are serious people with several years on the market.

      I hope this information will be useful.

  8. Just the sort of website and information I have been searching for. I was really intrigued by this information as starting a business online is tough as there is so much to do and learn.
    Would you recommend this for affiliate marketers?
    The price is very reasonable, so I might give it a shot.

  9. Hi 🙂
    This sounds really interesting. I was sorry to see that it’s currently closed (and I even followed the link). I’m thinking because they have a waitlist that they open it up every so often. Do you know what the timeframe for opening their offer is likely to be?



  10. Your article is like food and stimulation to my business brain! I really enjoyed the read and it got my mind and adrenaline going. Your service is very helpful and I have favorited your website for further review and use later.
    It is very fun but also very hard building a brand in the crowded market of millions of people online trying to do the same thing. But it can be done with the right help. And yes it does not have to be expensive! On a scale of 1-10 . Do you think it is hard to build your brand or online presence?

    1. Hi Vertical, thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it is hard to build your brand and takes time, but it’s very profitable to do this. I am working on my site to build my brand andI think I need at least one year to make it.

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