The Best Small Business To Start At Is Freelance Writing

With proper planning, preparation, and in-depth research, you can start the online business of your dreams if you are seeking for the best small business to start at in 2017. Creating a business blueprint will assist you plan your online venture and keep off the pitfalls waiting for the incompetent business owner. Having a solid business plan also reassures potential clients. There are many types of lucrative small online businesses one can start.

If you are having difficulties deciding on which business to start, then you have just got the best tool to nail it, this post. Read the following tips to find out why freelance writing is a breeze and the best small business to start at for those who don’t have much money to spend.

– Exercise Your Body

When you engage in activities like jogging, weight lifting, stretching and others you engage both your body and mind. Every morning before doing anything you should wake up and do exercise. Studies show that your brain functions better while your body is fit and works well too. In plain terms, if you want to take your writing career to the next level you must get some exercise.

You don’t have to strain your body. Do simple exercises that don’t expose you to injuries. Do push-ups, jog for twenty minutes, do squats. Do something for at least twenty minutes every day in the morning.

– Pay Attention To Your Client

It’s essential for any business owner to try and fit in the shoes of the potential customer. Freelance writers that fail to take into account the instructions of their clients do more harm than good to their writing business. Your customers should never feel like you are ignoring them.

Clients that feel you are turning your back on them equate the feeling to rejection. What some newbie freelance writers are not aware of is that emotions like rejection can have an adverse impact on the purchasing decisions that the clients make. It is important to show that you care about how your customers feel because you are not writing for yourself.

So anytime you receive an order from a client, you must ensure that you go through all the requirements and follow them to the latter. If you discover that you don’t understand the instructions, don’t hesitate to communicate with your client to seek more clarification.

– Know Your Strengths

As a freelance writer, you need to gradually progress so that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can not be a jack of all trades since you can not write entirely about all topics. Knowing your strengths will help you find out the topic that you can write the best on without much difficulty.

People have written many articles and so coming up with something fresh bearing your clients instructions in mind is the best way to go. To better your strengths ensure that you never plagiarize.

– Give Your Best

When completing freelance writing jobs, ensure that you always do your best. Clients do their best to find you work, and if you just do shoddy work and expect to cash in quickly, you may end up losing all your clients. Take each assignment with as much seriousness as possible and make it as never before. Strive to offer your customers masterpieces, and they’ll keep hiring you to complete their writing tasks.

– Meet Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is the best gift you can ever give any client. Sticking to timelines is mandatory to ensure that your customers are happy. Besides, it is imperative in earning you a good reputation as a freelance writer. No client, including you, would wish to hire a freelance writer who doesn’t meet deadlines.

To ensure that you don’t follow in the footsteps of such mediocre writers, manage your time well. In most cases, shortage of time is the main excuse for not sticking to deadlines. Manage your time well so that you can always complete your projects on time and avoid giving reasons that don’t add up.

– Have Reasonable Rates

If you are looking for constant work, then you must be ready to have reasonable rates. Mind you. There are millions of freelance writers online that are hungry for jobs and can accept peanuts to complete tasks. If you fix your prices too high, your clients will turn customers that don’t ask for a fortune to complete projects. The result will be that you won’t get much work. However, if your rates are too low, any client that has been in the game long enough will immediately notice your work is substandard.

Keep it somewhere in the middle, and if the job boards are too dry, you can sweep your manners under the carpet and ask for better remuneration from your client.

– Be Versatile

Specializing in a particular field is right if you want to advance your writing career quickly. However, if you want to get work from your clients continually, you have to train yourself to complete almost all types of freelance writing jobs. It may be an uphill task in the beginning but as time passes you will be able to learn how to complete all kinds of freelance writing jobs without much difficulty.

– Maintain Good Relations With Clients

To keep getting more and more work and of course money, you have to ensure that you maintain good relations with all your clients. It is the only means to ensure that they will always pick you instead of other writers to always complete their hands. Maintaining a good rapport with your clients is the key to start earning extra cash from them in the form of tips and much more.

– Keep Looking For New Tasks

Don’t wait to complete a project before looking for others. You will end up spending time that you would have taken advantage of to complete another job.

– Make New Contacts

Try working for new clients to see if you can get a few more permanent clients to boost your earnings. Making new connections is the only way to ensure that you have a continuous workflow.


Make New Contacts


It may be a challenging task to become an expert freelance writer at first, but by keenly following the tips in this post and luck, becoming a prominent freelance writer is within the means of anyone willing to sweat for it.

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