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The sages say that if you don’t take change by the hand, it will take you by the neck. That is even truer in the digital world. As you must have noted already, video marketing is now the in-thing in the online marketing world. And if you want to succeed as an online marketer, then there is no other option but to master video marketing.

Thankfully, there is a software called Article Video Robot that helps you convert articles into videos. Incredible as that sounds, the software will seamlessly help you create fantastic videos, and all you’ll need to do is to copy and then paste an article into the powerful tool, and it will create an appropriate video.

Article Video Robot In-Depth Overview

Any internet marketer will intimate that the most successful ways of running any online marketing campaign are through articles and videos. It is what Article Video Robot software steps in to do. The articles can optimize for search engines by placing it with relevant keywords and submitting it to various directories, thus, generating website traffic for the marketer’s site by ranking high on the search engine.

The tool also helps to optimize videos with keywords and submit them to various video directories for an even greater online exposure.

So, the tool can help in either case: whether you want videos, or you want articles.

Some internet surfers would rather read articles about topics they are interested in, while others would prefer to watch videos. If you want to draw a larger audience, you employ both mediums. To have an even bigger audience, you bring the two strategies together for a formidable combination.

Using the tool, you can take a marketing article, or other written website content, then insert it in the video. There is a voiceover that will be narrating what is was it scrolls through the video. Moreover, the application permits you to insert images according to your preferences.

In the tool, you can scour through many different voices to find a voice that is best suited for your video and use it. While you can opt to use the voiceovers which are computer-generated, you also have the option of recording your voice or uploading a different voiceover from another place.free_online_converter

The Article Video Robot is an online video converter. To use the service, you’ll have to sign up for it and use it from the member website.

You may register as a free member; however, if you want to reap maximum benefits from the application, you can choose to sign up for the power package that goes for $47 a month or the business package that will set you back $97 a month. These premium offers will grant you extra benefits and full advantage.

What Users Think of the Video Robot Application

There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback of the application from people who have signed up as members and who have had the opportunity to use the application to complete various projects. According to various users of the different packages, the features that the app offers and the amazing results it provides are worth the prices asked for the premium packages.

It is noteworthy, however, that the free membership package is very limited. Moreover, there is no contract you need to sign with the creator or the seller of the app- meaning you can cancel your membership or subscription any time you feel.

How it Works and How to Use the Tool

The application allows you to quickly and seamlessly convert articles into amazing videos. You just need to copy the material you intend to turn into a video and then paste it into the tool, and it will start churning amazing videos. Alternatively, you can supply a URL address of the site where the article locate

article_to_videoThe software will break the article into paragraphs automatically, and you can now go over the material to make any desired changes. You may then add videos and pictures to the article. You can use your voice or a voiceover to narrate the content. Each paragraph or frame can structure with subheadings, bullets or title.

To get better exposure online and higher rankings in the search engine result page, you’ll need to optimize the video accordingly by including the keyword in the video name, title and description. You’ll also need social bookmarking and ping to rank the videos.

One other way to ensure that the videos get the desired level of exposure is to make them more engaging- meaning they have to possess the right sought-after information and provide surfers who click to watch a high-quality experience.

Advantages of the Article Video Robot

— It has compelling and tantalizing music as well as beautiful backgrounds. You may opt to use the default tool backgrounds or upload your own. It is the same case with the music- you may choose to use the default music or upload your own. The default music and background are good enough, but there is no harm in customizing it to your liking.

— You are permitted to add a resource box at the end of the video. The resource box often includes your website address, email, phone, name and so on.

Article Video Robot permits you to distribute your video to about 13 video sites as well as a wide range of social networks.


—It is inexpensive. All you’ll need is a measly $1 to convert one article into a video. That is a fantastic offer.

—It saves both money and time. As already stated, you only need to part with a paltry $1 for each article to video conversion. Moreover, the tool saves you valuable time as it converts articles to videos quickly and seamlessly. By submitting the video to social bookmarking sites and video sites, you’ll be saving even much more time.

— This tool, by creating fantastic videos and optimizing both your content and videos for the search engines, will get you higher rankings in the search engine results pages and, thus, more web traffic.

Disadvantages of the Tool

The application, though an elegant and fantastic one, has a few drawbacks. For example:

–You’ll manually have to sign up for different sites to use them with the software; but no worries, it is time well-spent.

–There are times the videos won’t be as high quality as if they were created manually by a professional; however, you’ll still get the results you desire if you try to do them as best as possible.

An Example For This Tool




Article Video Robot will save a lot of time in creating your videos because it is very easy to build them.

Also, this tool will help enough to get free traffic because Google and the other search engines love the videos.

In my opinion; the price is right compared to what exists in the market.

If you have any questions or comments; just type in the bottom and I will answer immediately.

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  1. Wow Alberto, I am very impressed. Very impressive site with a lot of info and images. I did not actually read every word, but what I did read I felt your sincerity and lack of pushiness, which I hate. I have bookmarked this page and will use it as a resource. Thank You.

  2. Great Article here Alberto. This sound like a great program to use for those of us that are a little shy about doing videos.
    I know eventually I’m going to have to do this, so this program sounds like just the thing to help me get started with making videos. I will for sure be looking into this further, thanks for sharing this.

  3. A program that converts written content into video. That is awesome! The more I get into this internet marketing thing, the more amazed I become. Finding all these awesome programs and tools to make my business grow and succeed keep me motivated to continue. Unfortunately, I am still learning. I am very new at this and would rather come back to this article later on my journey when I am feeling ready. For the meantime, I will bookmark this article 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow, this sounds great! I had no idea this existed, and I am going to try it out right now. I need all the help I can get! Thank you for the info. A really nice website.

  5. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this Article Video Robot. I’ll be checking it out. Been thinking of going into video to promote my blog but doesn’t have any idea how to start. My knowledge of creating video is elementary at best (read : Windows Movie Maker) and I don’t want to bust a budget getting designers to do that so soon. Nice review.

  6. WHAT? Oh my Goddess! How did I miss this little gem? If you can believe it, I have been blogging since 2011, I have published 7 ebooks and I write articles for many online magazines and yet I had never heard of Article Video Robot!

    I am immediately going to check it out! I am thrilled to learn that such a technology exists! Thank you so much for providing such an informative site that is up to date as far as resources go.

    Also, I had never heard this quote until I read your article: “The sages say that if you don’t take change by the hand, it will take you by the neck.” I LOVE it! I am always telling my kids, the only constant is change.

    Thank you again for creating such a valuable resource! I will have to follow your blog!



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