12 About Page Optimization Tips To Get You To The Next Level

About Page OptimizationE-commerce is a cut throat business. That is why you have to arm yourself by reading about page optimization tips that have been proven to be a success. Each day, more sites are scrambling to optimize their search engine rankings, and if you drop your guard, you may get beaten by your bitter rivals. Furthermore, your site may join the long list of unsuccessful e-commerce sites.

The about page gives clients a glimpse of who they are buying from and in most cases business owners tend to ignore it with some choosing to dump all the dull and dry information there. What they miss to understand is that they are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to begin earning their clients trusts and increase their sales significantly.

Look, people like buying from businesses that have a good reputation and not from those they distrust. To earn your clients’ trust, you must find a means of letting your potential customers get to grasp more about you and your venture. Following are tips to help you optimize your about page and have the edge over all your competitors.

– Don’t Overthink

The biggest mistake people do when writing an about page is that they overthink. Writing an about page should not be as difficult as some people make it in some instances. When composing an about page, you need to let your customers know who you are and a little history about how you began doing the business. You don’t have to outline your company values, mission, and many other unnecessary things.

– Organize Your About Page

If you have a lot of information that you need to include in your about page, you should arrange it in a way that readers have an easy time finding what they want. You will save their time and start earning their trust. Next, organize the information such that you separate dry information from trust content. No visitors will return to your site if you don’t arrange your content appropriately.

– Use Suitable Tone And Language

The tone and language on your about page should match your industry and the sensibilities of your potential clients. For example, the sound of an accountant’s about page should be entirely different from that of a mechanical engineer. Without the appropriate tone and language, explaining more about you and your business becomes an uphill task. To make the process of writing an about page a breeze you can decide to choose between drafting in the first or third person.

– Use Engaging Writing Style

An about page introduces you to clients and should be written to make a good first impression. If it is dull and boring, readers are going to assume that your business is boring too. No one, including you, deserves to work with a flat and monotonous company in this age and time. To keep readers always coming back for more avoid bone hard and descriptive writing.

– Be Real

Plagiarism is the most important thing you should keep in your mind when composing an about page. Avoid copying content directly from other sources and furthermore, if you are looking to build a supportive customer base be very honest with your clients and how your business works. Once customers believe you, they will purchase your goods, read your emails, fill out surveys, spread the word and much more. Be honest and authentic for your company to expand rapidly.

– Diminish Jargon

An about page is the place where potential clients get to learn more about you and your business. Don’t expect all of them to know lots of jargon and industry-specific words at the start. Avoid confusing them by using simple words that they can understand quickly.

– Share Your Story

Make your company story great by including the past, now, and future. Consumers require to comprehend more about your past, and that is the reason they want to hear more about the founders, what they did before starting the business, how they got an interest to initiate the business and much more. Besides, tell clients the state of your company currently, the goods that you sell and how other past users have left rave reviews about your products and services.

Lastly, show them where the company plans to head in the next few years. Let your clients know that you are continually working to make your products more valuable and reliable. They will only come back for more if they are sure you’ll continue producing the goods or services the love.

– Update The Page Frequently

Never let your about page go smelly. Keep it up to date and guarantee that clients never come across contradicting information or else they will never visit the page again. Update the about page once or twice a month to be sure that all the information it contains is relevant and correct.

– Focus On Your Clients

When writing an about page don’t make it all about yourself. You have to keep bringing the focus back around to the visitors. Tell them that you have been in their shoes before, and you clearly understand what they are feeling. It is the only way to make them seem comfortable and consider your goods or services.

– Shed More Light On Your Goods Or Services

Be particular about how your products or services can benefit clients. If you don’t focus on the problems, you can help solve visitors to your site won’t feel that they are in the right place and won’t get leads who exactly need what you have to offer.


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– Add Images And Videos

An about page should be more than just text. To make an incredible about page mix text with images or videos when telling your story. When working to integrate videos and pictures in your about page remember to include those that add great value to your article. Don’t just throw in videos or photo galleries because you can, do it because it complements the narrative you are drafting.

– Use Relevant CTA ( Call To Action)

All your web content should drive traffic to your site similarly to an about page. It’s important to note that an about page is where potential clients get to know and start trusting you and not a place to make sales. Examples of calls to action that are suitable for an about page include opt-in and others.


Act now and witness the gains you can get with about page optimization. All the tips in this post will result in better ranking and more business for your site and company if you implement them correctly. Give your about page more love.

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