About Me

Alberto pictureHello,  dear traffic seeker, I am Alberto Martinez Miller and I thank you for visiting my blog.

I was born in El Paso , TX. but all my life I have been living in Mexico.  I have a career in Chemical Engineering and I am married to ‘Georgina’ my wife. I have a beautiful daughter and two dogs.

Internet Marketing has been my hobby for many years and I have had some success making money and a lot of failures but doesn’t matter because I enjoy these challenges.

The reason for making a blog about getting free targeted traffic is because I have been struggling with this issue many years, and I want to help people avoid this nightmare giving my knowledge that really works in this field.

Making money online is a reality but you have to work in the right direction and with honest people in order to have success .

I will share tips, tools, strategies and secret methods through my posts giving you my support.  if you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below.