11 Basic Blogging Don’ts Bloggers Should Know

Basic Blogging Don'tsWhether you are looking to start a small business or you are the CEO of an international company, blogging is among the online marketing tools that you just can’t afford to miss out on exploiting. Gone are the days when blogs are for only young people who want to rant about their achievements. There are more reasons to start your blog, and most of them have to do with improving your online business.

On the opposite, if you already have a company blog then you are probably well aware of the gains that blogging can bring to your business. There is a broad range of benefits for online business that do blogs for promotion and marketing. A blog is an extra tool that is capable of reaching out to potential clients, building a community that shifts information, answers, reviews, and opinion about business, its goods or services, and character. Following are some basic blogging don’ts for online business-

1. Don’t Take Blogging Lightly

Blogging has come a long way. Gone are the days when bloggers had no option but to blog on free platforms with few resources as well as doubtful content ownership. Blogging began as a means of sharing thoughts and private opinions with family and close friends. Today, it should be taken even more seriously because it is among the most profitable ways of boosting self-image and making real money. However, this doesn’t happen quickly, and hard work is necessary if you want to become an expert blogger.

2. Don’t Neglect Your Brand

Neglecting your brand is not an option. Whether you do blogs for pleasure or hoping to turn it into a career, always remember that you represent your brand. In simple terms, take your blog a serious as you take your business. Ensure that you are consistent on your blogs and social media handles. A professional web designer will give your site a professional appearance while you set standards that will guide your venture as it expands.

3. Never Fail To Update Content

Failing to update website content frequently is a recipe for disaster. It’s mandatory that you keep your clients up to date about your goods or service. However, if you are like millions of business owners then your probably don’t have to post pieces yourself continually. That’s where a blogger comes handy. Most companies and people in business prefer hiring a blogger to manage their blogs activities.

They then have spare time to concentrate on running their business even better. Hire a blogger that will represent you in the best way possible. The blogger should have exceptional writing skills, be consistent in posting articles to the blog( at least thrice weekly), and other blogging techniques apart from writing like putting tags, inserting photos, choosing categories just to mention a few.

4. Don’t Forget To Grab Readers Attention

Creating engaging blog posts is a mammoth task, and that is the key reason only great writers can take readers into the worlds they create inblogging do don'ts their works. Furthermore, they can use their experiences and imaginations to convey all the images and messages to the readers in the most exciting ways.

5. Avoid Presenting Readers With Unformatted Content

Let’s face it, a large block of text decreases the readability of posts. Readers don’t have the time to rest their eyes while going through the text meaning that their brains also lack time to consider your content. Readable content contains short paragraphs, bullet point lists, bold lettering, italics, illustrations, images and others.

6. Don’t Let Errors Ruin Your Reputation

Spelling or grammar errors are harsh and off-putting. In fact, they can have an adverse impact on your reputation. Compelling error-free content is what readers expect when they visit any blog. Once they get that be sure they will return and read the content frequently. That’s the primary reason successful bloggers strive to improve their writing skills and language. Glaring grammar and spelling errors are not acceptable when blogging and you should make use or grammar checkers before publishing.

7. Avoid Posting False Information

Do proper research on your subject matter and avoid relying on references that are not up to date. Readers expect your blog posts to be accurate and if they find out that your posts contain false information they may not visit your blog again. Thorough research is a must if you are looking to start writing better posts. Be sure to use some search engines to get the most current topical information and only quote what is relevant to your topic.

8. Never Overlook SEO

SEO is an important aspect of blogging which you should not ignore. For readers not to guess the contents of your next posts ensure that they have descriptive titles. Besides, the titles should contain keywords that peak interest and draw tons of traffic to your posts. Compelling titles explain to readers exactly what they should expect. The keywords or keyword phrases should be close to the beginning of the title as much as possible.

9. Never Deny Readers The Opportunity To Comment

Give readers the opportunity to comment on your blogs so that you get to know what they think about your products or service. The comments will help you identify areas that you need to improve and build a long lasting relationship with your clients. Bloggers who deny readers the opportunity to leave comments do more harm than good to their blogs.

10. Don’t Plagiarize

When blogging be original. Strive to create original content. Every time you write don’t forget to cite sources in your posts and always express yourself using your words. To properly attribute authorship include two or three relevant quotes from your primary sources. Original content is the link between you and your audience as it helps readers understand you and keep coming back for more.

11. Don’t Use Unsuitable Language

Use of vulgar or unsuitable language when blogging is not acceptable. As a blogger, you should never use inappropriate language, or you risk losing most if not all of your clients to your bitter rivals. Use proper language and observe etiquette if you want to become a successful blogger.


There you have it- 11 essential blogging don’ts that every blogger should know. All of them could not fit in the post, and those are just the key ones. If you follow the information in this post to the latter, then the chances are that you will achieve the status of a professional blogger sooner than you expect. Good luck!


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