Steemit Review

Do you belong to any online social networking site? With their recent rise in fame, there is a good chance that you do. However, it’s one thing to be a community member and another to participate in online debates and use network features. That’s why it’s prudent that you discover more about how to make the most out of your social networking experience.

If you have used a particular social networking site before, you are acutely aware of their popularity and the reason for the notoriety. There is just something unique about these platforms that pull millions of internet users. In most cases when someone tells you that you can get extra income by posting valuable content on a social media site, you tend to be skeptical about the whole idea, and it’s pretty obvious.

Although social media networking sites focus traditionally on those interested in gaining online friends or developing online relationships, in this review we will focus on, Steemit, a social networking site for those who wish to make money while posting helpful content on their popular niches while they have fun. This tool has been receiving lots of attention since its inception in 2016 and for good reasons. Please read along.

Steemit Review

SteemitSteemit is an innovative blockchain meant social networking site that rewards its users for creating, posting, liking, curating and sharing content that includes articles, comments, images and much more.

In simple terms, it is a tool for promoting good content up to the charts and empowering yourself to become successful financially.

It is comparable to Reddit or Facebook, but it’s unique because it relies on users to post, link or help curate content by downvoting or upvoting the most valuable content to all other members attention instead of relying on adverts.


In fact, it is the best platform currently for content creators or writers since membership is free and you get to earn handsomely.

Steemit has gained popularity recently because of it boasts of a method for rewarding users who vote and post content on the platform using its cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin named Steem dollars. You can convert them to bitcoin or regular currency.

If you can draft finance articles, for instance, many members will read it, and if they find useful, they will like and share it so that other users can see it and go through it too. If many members find it useful, it means more upvotes which are equal to more money. And that is not all. The creators included a page to show members the topics that are trending at the moment to help them have an easy time choosing topics to write about if they are undecided.

Facebook and other social networking sites make money from their members while Steemit rewards content that is upvoted by many members. Furthermore, if you are the first to vote regularly on Steemit your vote has more value than that of users who vote once in a while. This means you get more rewards than them. Without any doubt, this is the first social networking platform that gives talented members the ability to make thousands of dollars writing content that people love. If you are good, you get rewarded at Steemit.

About Creators

The brains behind Steemit are Ned Scott and Daniel Larimer. They are game changing innovators who thought of how they could change the social networking world forever by making people earn while sharing content on topics that they love online and having lots of fun with other members.

After in-depth research, a better understanding of how social media networks and block chains work, they came up with Steamit and made the dreams of many social media enthusiasts come true. When it comes to innovation, they are in a league of their own because they have set foot where no one has ever thought of since the birth of social networking sites.


– Steamit allows users to get free exposure to a large audience for free. Once you are a member, you don’t need to worry about advertising your content. If you are very creative, then your posts will be seen by many members without adverts, and you’ll earn automatically.

– The tool is user-friendly meaning that using it is a walk in the park. The site is laid out in such a way that members can find what they are looking for quickly. It’s unlike some social networking platforms that take members a while to fully understand how they function.

– This perhaps is the biggest advantage of using this social networking platform. No other platform will reward you for posting content that users find useful. Instead, most are just after furthering their selfish agenda with is making profits from active members.steemit_review

– To become a part of the community, you don’t need to part with a single cent. Many social networking sites require users to pay a minimal monthly or annual fee to have a way to the stage and its innovations. Gone are the ages when you had to dent your budget to become a member of a social networking site that doesn’t even reward its members.

Gone are the ages when you had to dent your budget to become a member of a social networking site that doesn’t even reward its members.

– Steemit gives members the opportunity to post useful content on any topic that they wish. This gives members an advantage because if they have experience in different niches they are still able to post valuable content and earn even more than members who can only create content in a particular niche.

– The trending page gives you heads up on the topics that are currently trending so that you can quickly pick a topic that many members are interested in and write. With this feature, your chances of succeeding in making money with Steemit are very high because you already have a hint of the type of content users need in real time.


– So far, users have not come across any downfall of using this platform. It may be because the site is still new or the creators succeeded in creating a masterpiece and setting the bar a notch higher in the social networking field.


As you can see, it’s possible to make money while sharing helpful content with other members of the Steemit community and make the most out of your social networking experience. The control is in your hands.You can decide whether or not you want to spend a fraction of your time researching, writing and posting useful content on Steemit that will get thousands of upvotes and make your social networking experience more than worth it. After seeing this review what do you think of your favorite social networking site?

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